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When was Gemstone Lights founded?

Gemstone Lights was founded in 2016 by Tate Leavitt, CEO. Sick of hanging his own Christmas lights, and unable to find a high-quality permanent outdoor lighting system on the market, he got to work on creating his own! Alongside his family in his home garage, Tate created what we refer to today as “Gemstone Lights 1.0” – a high quality permanent outdoor lighting system that was sleek, professional, blended into the home, and was able to withstand the harsh winters of Calgary, Alberta.

Since its actualization in 2016, Gemstone Lights has grown from a solo operation from the inside of Tate’s garage to being offered in over 220 markets across North America. Today, Gemstone Lights continues to grow rapidly and is extremely committed to making high quality outdoor and indoor LED lighting solutions available to everyone.

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