Amy W.

Lighting options for 365 days of the year. We decided to have our daughters birthday party in the front yard a few weeks ago just so we could use our disco lighting effect! We have just a few lights on for none special occasions as accent lighting.
So many choices and so light work!

Lynn S.

Very easy to program accent lighting during non-festive times of the year.
Super excited to have lights in those high peaks and the ability to manage everything via a mobile app!

Robert K.

Love the lights, installer did a fantastic job, lights look great, easy to use, great service from Gemstone. Very very pleased with everything

Craig & Kristen J.

We just had our Gemstone lights installed on our home and they are AMAZING!! We are so excited to explore all the colours and patterns that their app contains – my 5-year-old was blown away by the “rainbow” mode!! We are the first home in the Lower Mainland that they have installed (they are Calgary based) but it won’t take long for everyone in the neighbourhood to want them too!!

Jason R.

Quick and painless install. Excellent follow-up. Already recommended to many friends & family.

Jay P.

Love the lights, looks great and functions well all year round. Great customer service as well. Looks great and the app is very functional.

George R.

What a great idea!  Completely satisfied with both install and features.

Nigel W.

A breeze to use and will never have to climb on the roof to install or take down ? no more cold hands.

Debbie H.

Timelines as promised, great response to questions – great install

Albert V.

Awesome product! We are so happy with the results. Would recommend this for everyone. Nick was great and his install team were very prompt and professional. Thanks Nick and the Gemstone team!!!

Daniel B.

Excellent product.  I love the convenience and the look. Highly recommended. Beautiful and so convenient!

Roger I.

They are BEAUTIFUL! Highly recommend this company. Exceptional product and amazing customer service

Andrew D.

I kinda get sick and tired of having constantly get the lights up, get the lights down and of course I never got them down so my wife complain about it and Gemstone Lights are perfectly set up, they stay up and you can’t tell that they’re there, they don’t fall off. It’s Fantastic!

Karen H.

We love our Gemstone Lights! We want to invest in some new lights but we want something that could be different at times and this way we’re able to change colors and not just be stuck with one color of light. They’re great and no maintenance and my husband doesn’t have to get up there every year to put on lights.

Cheri G.

I love my Gemstone Lights! I love that I can do different colors, different patterns and have them on for certain holidays. They’re so easy to use and I love them when they’re off that you can’t see them hanging down and look tacky.

Kimberly P.

I love my Gemstone Lights! I don’t have to argue with my husband every few years what I would change to the color of my lights. So it’s kind of a win-win for both of us.

George H.

Awesome lights! So much variability to what you can do with them. The company is great to work with and the installers were professional and friendly. I would recommend this company to everyone!

Steve K.

Quality experience from quick free estimate through installation.  Our neighbour had these lights installed after a bad fall putting up Christmas lights.  Was hesitant at first given the cost but all it takes is one fall… Never considered different coloured lights for other occasions but now we have that opportunity.  Like also that we can now light up one section of our front walkway that previously was not lit. Gemstone exactly matched the green trim on our house.

Christian S.

Super cool lights with so many options! Best part is I don’t have to go up on the ladder in the cold to put them up…or even worse, to take them down. Quick installation and great service.
Highly recommend Gemstone!

Allan B.

We first contact Gemstone because we didn’t want to have to put up and take down lights all the time. And when the other ones keep breaking on us, we found out that Gemstone Lights were alot easier to setup. The install was so easy and nice, I would absolutely recommend it!

Lorne K.

Like how I never have to hang Christmas Lights anymore and the multiple options for colours

Perry S.

I love the variety of colours and combos

Julie G.

Love the look!

Robert T.

They are great and you can set up all sorts of different effects.

Lynn P.

I like the individually customizable unique/separate lights

Munish K.

I like the looks, service, variable options and the service has been great

Rene E.

I love the various ways I can light up our home

Dina M.

Love, love them the remote access from my phone on cold days. I tell all my friends.

Darren W.

I like the ability to program and variety

Michael K.

They are a clean installation that doesn’t need to be taken down and reinstalled.  The light they provide can be used for any holiday with the custom colour selection.  They are bright enough to provide security lighting even during the summer months. They are easily controlled with our cell phones.

Arlene M.

It’s nice to be able to have lights on when ever you want and I love the fact that you can change the colours so easily

Jason P.

Easy to use and look very sharp.  Neighbors are jealous!

Kathy T.

I like that they are LED and will hopefully provide years of lighting options for every occasion.

Carol M.

They make the whole experience of Xmas, New Years, birthdays and other special occasions better.

Tom F.

It is great as I no longer have to put up and take down Christmas lights

Lori M.

I like the clean look and the multitude of colors/patterns to choose from

Rick W.

Great looking and don’t have to take down

Mary F.

I like the ability to change the lights to do whatever I like

Klaus S.

I like the perimeter security and wonderful festive lighting

Alan G.

Nice colour selections and modes

Fallon M.

Very easy to work with, lights were installed in a timely manner and the product continues to work great.

Jolanda C.

For the variety of colors and functions. Also I don’t have to pay every year to have my Christmas lights put up and down.

Robert K.

Look great, easy to use, no more climbing roof to install Christmas lights

Ed B.

Great product. Absolutely impressive features. Great effects.

Sandra W.

They make the house look fantastic and the selection of colours and patterns.

Debbie H.

They are so beautiful and easy to use

Ron M.

They look elegant ; Great functionality

Tracey L.

Love lighting up my house for Halloween & Christmas, BONUS  I now get to light it up year round. Love my daily pot light look.

David H.

They provide a subtle accent to our home.

Todd H.

They are convenient, so easy to change colors, plus gives added security for our home as you can set them to as bright or dim as we’d like.  The set timer is perfect for changing with the seasons.

Brent M.

Love the permanent installation with the versatility to adapt the lighting colors and patterns to suit any occasion.  My friends and neighbors can’t wait to see what’s next

Larry G.

I like No more hanging lights

Danny A.

No more climbing on the roof and beautiful addition to the house

Brent K.

I like to never have to put lights up and down.

Troy L.

I’m Very happy

Larry A.

Convenience. I no longer have to fight with lights in the winter. I also like the fact that I can apply different looks whenever I like.

Hunter H.

I have these lights at my house and on my business. They are incredible, easy to use and I will never have to put up or take down lights again! We use them year round for lots of events. 5 stars for sure!

David B.

They look so beautiful on the house and you can change to so many colors

Mark W.

Ability to have custom lighting on exterior year-round; user control

Linda P.

Love them!

Jean S.

No more ladder climbing!

Chris A.

Never have to ‘suggest’ my husband put up Christmas lights.

Lois P.

Permanent, no mess no hassle. Can program from cell phone. Can vary Color and display and time on and time off.

Ken T.

Love, love them the remote access from my phone on cold days. I tell all my friends.

Dan & Katrina N.

These lights are amazing. There are so many color and pattern options, you can literally customize the lights for any occasion, not just the holiday season. The install process went seamlessly, the customer service has always been above and beyond, and we were very impressed with the overall experience and product.

Rob E. & Family

Jordan installed our Gemstone Lights in November 2017. They look fantastic, we would highly recommend Jordan and the Gemstone Lights. His attention to detail and professionalism was 5 Stars and with the continued support and updates to the Gemstone App the product gets better all the time. The Edmonds Family

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