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The Best Warm White LED Christmas Lights

When LED Christmas lights first appeared on the market, warm white wasn’t really an option. The initial offerings were a harsh blue-white that lacked appeal. Over the years, LED technology has progressed, but finding true warm white LED Christmas lights can still be a challenge.

Gemstone Lights is one of the few permanent lighting providers with a true warm white LED option. Our LED lights have a few differences that give them that perfect warm hue, which we will be going over below. Plus, we’ll share a few pieces of inspiration for your warm white LED Christmas lights vision!

Understanding LED Light Color Temperature

Color temperature, measured on the Kelvin scale (2,000K to 6,500K), affects the color of the light. The lower the number, the warmer the light:

  • 2,000K: Warm, amber hue
  • 6,500K: Cool, blue hue

For more details, check out our article on “Warm White Or Cool White LEDs.”

Why Gemstone Warm White LEDs Are Right For You

Not all LED lights are created equally. Our warm white LED lights include many features that make them stand out amongst other LED permanent lighting brands. Below are just a few of these features that can take your permanent lighting to the next level.

Our Lights Are A True Warm White

Most LED lights are made up of three colors, red, green, and blue  (RGB). These three colors mixed allow you to choose between hundreds of different colors but can’t produce a true warm white.

Gemstone LED Lights have an extra diode specifically dedicated to warm white. Unlike most other LED lights that typically only go to 3,000K on the Kelvin scale, our warm white lights go as far as 2,800K. That’s a bit warmer than your standard incandescent light bulb.

Easily Adjust Warmth, Animations, Brightness, and Patterns

With the Gemstone HUB App, you can change colors, create unique animations, adjust brightness, and individually address each light. We have three variations of white to choose from, including our true warm white, cool white, and bright white. Since our app is cloud-enabled, adjusting your lights can be done from anywhere as long as you have access to Wi-Fi.

All Gemstone Lights Offer Warm White

We offer more than just permanent track lighting at Gemstone Lights, our product range includes flood lights and our Opal Bulb. You won’t have to worry about your porch lights or landscaping lights clashing with your permanent Christmas lights because they all feature a true warm white. You can check out more benefits HERE to see everything Gemstone Lights products offer beyond a true warm white.

Inspiration For Gemstone Warm White LED Christmas Lights

With how customizable Gemstone Lights are, the possibilities are endless. You can highlight architectural characteristics, create a fun light show, or keep it simple. Here are just a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing with warm white Gemstone Lights.

Stick to the Classics

Warm White LED Christmas Lights

Nothing takes you to a cozy Christmas Eve, huddled around the fire with family quite like the look of warm white light lining every roof peak. Our true warm white LED track lights give you that vintage look without the hassle of old-school string lights. They also look cleaner and more cohesive with your home design!

Space Out The Design

Space Out warm Christmas lights

For something a bit more subtle, illuminate only a select few lights around your roof. You can still have that inviting, festive feel without screaming, “Hey! Look at us!” You can space out your lights at whatever distance you like because Gemstone Lights are individually addressable.

Take The Warmth To The Max

Warmth Christmas lights

Take your lights slightly past that traditional warm white by adding a bit of orange to your lighting color. Super warm lights like this are great for intimate holiday parties! This stunning amber hue is easily achievable by sliding around on our color scale in the HUB App until you find your desired tone.

Show Off Your Landscaping

Landscaping warm Christmas lights

Warm white LED Christmas lights aren’t just reserved for the roof with Gemstone Lights. With a little help from our LED flood lights, you can light up your landscaping as well. All Gemstone lights have that extra diode made for a true warm white, allowing all of your Christmas lights to perfectly match in color.

Sprinkle In Some Red and Green

Red and Green Warm Christmas lights

Warm white Christmas lights pair well with festive red and green colors as well! You can adjust the pattern of colors in whatever order you like, allowing you to add more warm white or more red and green. You can even add animations to fade between all three colors.

Create A Unique Pattern

Create whatever pattern you would like with the ability to individually control each light in our track lighting systems.Make certain lights brighter, only illuminate every other light in the track, or give certain peaks of your roof a different pattern than others.

Give Your Business A Festive Flair

Business Warm Christmas lights

Our warm white LED track light looks great on your business buildings, too! The Gemstone Lights commercial track lighting is built for side mount applications with color matching, so they can blend in with nearly any roof. Give your customers a more inviting feel with the best warm white lighting in LED technology during the holidays or year-round.

Highlight A Specific Feature Of Your Home

If you’re not one to enjoy every square inch of your home being covered in light, you can highlight a certain area of your house instead. Invite people in with warm white light around your porch, or only highlight one or two peaks of your home. You can also solely light up the back deck for a Christmas party or to open presents on Christmas day.

Chasing Lights

Gemstone Lights’ warm white LED lights are much more exciting than the typical Christmas lights you see because you can add fun animations. You can create swirling variations of white, have your lights pulse in and out, or have lights chase each other like in this video. Just because warm white Christmas lights aren’t as vibrant as some other holiday colors does not mean that your Christmas lights need to be boring!

Warm White LED Christmas Lights FAQ’s

Question: What is the difference between warm white and soft white lights?

Answer: Warm white lights have a tinge more yellow swirled into their color than soft white lights. Soft white lights are what you typically see in brighter rooms of the home, while warm white lights are used in rooms where you tend to relax. Gemstone Lights’ warm white LEDs are adjustable, so you can choose the perfect amount of warmth for whatever mood you are in.

Question: Is warm white or cool white better for Christmas lights?

Answer: Choosing between warm white and cool white Christmas lights depends on the feel you are going for. Warm white offers a cozy relaxing feel, while cool white strikingly resembles snow. Gemstone Lights offers both options for versatility.

Question: What color temperature is warm white LED?

Answer: Warm white light color temperature ranges from 2,000K to 3,000K. Gemstone Lights’ LED warm white lights range from 2,800K to 3,000K. Once you drop below 2,800K  you start bleeding into amber light territory.

Contact an Authorized Dealer To Bring Your Vision To Life

We have over 600  authorized dealers all over North America who are ready to make your warm white Christmas lights vision a reality. You can receive a custom quote by entering your zip code HERE and choosing one of the professionals in your area. From there, all you have to do is sit back and let the experts do everything for you, from installation to setting up the app.

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