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Understanding App Controlled Lights

LED lights provide a cost-effective, energy-efficient way to brighten up your home exterior or interior. With these lights, you can call attention to certain architectural features on your home exterior on a year-round basis.

You can also use these lights to give your home exterior a festive look for different holidays and seasons. Indoor LED lights can be used in lamps and other fixtures throughout your home.

Smart LED lights take these benefits a step further and allow you to control lights with a phone app. This makes these lights easy to turn on and off or adjust as needed. Knowing more about how smart lights work with apps can help you appreciate how beneficial they can be for your home.

How App Controlled Lights Work

Not all lights work with an app. In order to do this, you’ll need to have smart light bulbs installed at your home.

Unlike regular light bulbs, smart light bulbs are designed to work withsmartphones, tablets, and other smart devices via an app. How do these apps allow you to control smart lights?

The entrance way of a 2 story home, lit up at night using architectural lights

Smart light bulbs typically use a connection called a hub, which serves as a kind of gateway between your smart device and smart light bulbs. Hubs are usually attached to a router port, providing a simple pathway that connects your lights and smart devices.

Keep in mind that smart light bulbs are made with wireless technology that transmits messages between the hub, bulbs, and smartphone or other smart device.

When you have app controlled lights installed, you can then turn your smart lighting on and off easily from your phone or other device thanks to the use of cloud technology.

You can also adjust your lighting in different ways with the app, such as making it brighter or dimmer as needed or changing the colors. This gives you more control over when you use your lights and how you use them indoors or outdoors.

Apps for smart lighting allow you to simply tap your screen to control your lights. You can also control your cloud-enabled lighting on your device from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. This means you’re able to turn your lights on before getting home from work.

You can also adjust them or turn them on and off from any room in your home. Instead of having to walk over to a light switch to control your lights, you can pull up the app on your smart device.

Being able to use cloud technology on your device provides a quick and convenient way to control your smart lights.

How to Download the Gemstone HUB App

When you have Gemstone Lighting installed at your home, you can begin controlling your new lights after downloading the Gemstone HUB app and connecting it to your lighting system. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

To download the Gemstone HUB App, visit either the App Store on your iOS device or Google Play on your Android device. Look for the Gemstone Lights HUB App, then click download or install to put it on your device.

This app is made to work with Gemstone’s cloud-based HUB controller, which allows you to control, adjust, and program Gemstone Lights Track systems and Deck systems. When you have this app on your phone, tablet, or other device, you’ll be able to control your lighting system from any location as long as you have a network or cellular connection.

How to Connect the Gemstone HUB App to Your Lighting System

After you’ve downloaded the Gemstone HUB App on your iOS or Android device, register a new account or sign in with an existing account if you have one. Connect your device, also known as “controller,” through WiFi using the WiFi Sync button on the app when prompted. You’ll need to enter your WiFi password in order to perform the sync.

Once you’ve done a successful sync, you’ll need to connect to a new network through your device’s settings. You’ll see a new network with a name that begins with SmartLife. When prompted, connect to this new network. This pairs your device or controller with your lighting system, so you can begin to control lights with phone app.

The Hub Controller

You can give your Gemstone HUB controller a new name if desired. Keep in mind that you can change this name at any time. Choosing a descriptive name can make your controller stand out more, so you can easily find it when needed.

When your app is connected to your lighting system and WiFi, you can start using it to turn lights on and off, download patterns, create a timer, and much more.

Why the Gemstone Lights HUB App Is the Best on the Market

What makes the Gemstone Lights HUB App the best available? There are many advantages to using this app for your smart lighting. In addition to controlling your lights through the app on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device, you can also connect it with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. This provides you with even greater control over your smart lights.

Did you know that you can also control your lights without WiFi access? You can use Bluetooth to keep controlling your lights through the app until your WiFi is back up and running. Just stand within 20 feet of your control box, tap the Bluetooth button, select your device, and enter a password to connect.

The Gemstone Lights HUB App provides you with many notable features for controlling your smart lights. With the app on your device, you can set up multiple timers for your home. Instead of having to purchase separate external timers for outdoor lights, you can use the app to create and program timers as needed.

With the app on your device, you can download different animations and patterns for your smart outdoor lighting. These patterns and animations include a wide range of colors, themes, and other options to choose from. Whether you want to use an eye-catching animation for a holiday or a certain color scheme to enhance your home exterior, the app makes it easy to find what you need.

The Gemstone Lights HUB App has fully customizable colors available, so you can choose the colors you want to holidays, special events, sports teams, and more. Different animations that are available include flowing lights, fading lights, jumps, and other movements.

multi-colored track lights

What else makes this app the best on the market? With the Gemstone Lights HUB App, you’ll have access to warm white LED lights. You can use this soft lighting to create a more elegant ambiance any time during the year or for any occasion.

The app also allows you to quickly and easily dim your Gemstone lights as needed. You’ll also have access to architectural lighting that lets you enhance specific features on or near your home exterior. Keep in mind that you can create custom architectural patterns for your home as well.

The Gemstone Lights HUB App also makes it easy to share a device, create a group, or add a family member. This allows multiple family members to control lights with phone app as well.

Contact Us to Learn More About App Controlled Lights

If you’re searching for “lights I can control with app on a phone”, please contact Gemstone Lights. We can provide you with more information on our smart lighting system products and our Gemstone Hub App. Our experts can help you find the ideal lighting for your home exterior or interior.

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