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The Best Outdoor Halloween Lights

Halloween is a great time to decorate the outside of your home. Having outdoor Halloween decorations, including outdoor lights, can delight your kids, your neighbors, and all of the kids that show up at your house for trick or treating. Putting up Halloween lights in orange, purple, and other festive colors can give your home a spooky look. If you’re a business owner, these lights can give your store or commercial property a festive look for this eerie holiday.

home lit up with Halloween lights pattern

The trouble is finding time to do this and being able to get up on a ladder to reach higher areas, which can be dangerous. Preparing for Halloween means getting costumes ready and stocking up on candy to give out, as well as setting up indoor and outdoor decorations. You might find that you don’t have enough time to devote to getting your outdoor lights set up the way you want.

A permanent LED Halloween lighting system can make it easier and more convenient to make sure your home or business is ready for this holiday. Keep the following in mind while comparing your options for outdoor Halloween lights.

What Are the Best Outdoor Halloween Lights?

When choosing outdoor Halloween lights for your home or business, you should take certain factors into consideration. Traditional outdoor lights have some disadvantages, such as:

  • Safety issues – climbing on ladders or getting onto your roof can be hazardous, since you risk falling and getting hurt. Using indoor lights or lights without the right wiring can lead to electrical problems and fires.
  • Limited colors and designs – traditional holiday lights, including Halloween lights, are limited in terms of the patterns and colors that are available.
  • Higher costs – traditional lights need more electricity to run, leading to higher electric bills. The bulbs don’t last as long either, so you need to change them more often.
  • Inconvenient to use – with traditional lights, you have to hang them up and remove them after each holiday, which takes up more of your time. You also have to physically turn the lights on and off from a light switch each time you use them.

While traditional Halloween lights might not be the best choice, there’s another option to consider. Permanent Halloween lights offer the best lighting solution for homes and businesses. These outdoor lights offer distinct benefits compared to other lighting systems.

Why Are Permanent LED Halloween Lights the Best Solution?

What makes these outdoor lights such a good option for residential and commercial properties? These types of lights provide significant advantages that traditional lights don’t have.

Greater Convenience

Our LED Halloween lights offer more convenience when it comes to both installation and usage. You can have your lighting system installed permanently and use our cloud-based app to turn your lights on and off or adjust the colors, designs, and other settings. The Gemstone HUB app makes it possible to control your lighting system from any location from an Android or iOS device. You can even set up your Halloween lights for use with Google Home or Alexa for even greater convenience.

Improved Safety and Durability

Gemstone Lights outdoor LED lighting systems use a plug-and-play system that converts high-voltage power into low-voltage power for safer use. This makes our systems safe to use for homes and businesses throughout the year. Our lighting systems also have better durability, which allows them to withstand all kinds of weather without being damaged or causing electrical problems. This includes waterproof connections, high-grade LED bulbs, and a warranty. From cold winters and snowstorms to hot summers and thunderstorms, our outdoor LED lights can handle different kinds of weather.

home with purple Halloween light pattern

Cost Savings

Having a permanent LED lighting system can help you save money. You don’t have to keep replacing lights, and using LED bulbs means lowering your energy usage overall. This leads to lower energy bills all year round. Saving money from reduced energy usage can add up over time, resulting in significant cost savings.

Permanent vs Temporary

Temporary lighting systems require more time and money to deal with, especially if you want to use them in different seasons or for different events and holidays. A permanent LED outdoor lighting system provides a more cost-effective, safer, and convenient solution. You’ll have lights ready to use all year round with the touch of a button.

Wide Range of Color and Pattern Options

Permanent LED lighting provides you with several options to choose from as far as colors, patterns, and designs. Once you’re done with a Halloween color scheme or pattern, you can adjust the settings to a different color scheme or design. Traditional lighting systems don’t provide all of these color and pattern options. With permanent outdoor LED lights, you can also use different animations to give your home or business a dramatic look for Halloween and other holidays. You can see some great examples of Gemstone Lights patterns options on our Halloween gallery page.

Roof peak with orange and purple Halloween lights pattern

The Best Quality, Longest-Lasting LED Halloween Lights

When you’re looking for outdoor LED lights with the highest quality, Gemstone Lights has you covered. Our Halloween lights provide you with a permanent lighting solution that you can use year-round to light up your home or business for different holidays or special occasions. You can also use these lights on a regular basis to enhance certain exterior features of your home.

Our permanent Halloween lights are graded to provide more than 50,000 hours of use, so they won’t wear out quickly. Since they’re LED bulbs, they’ll also save you money on the cost of electricity to use them. We offer multiple timers on our cloud-based app to give you an additional way to reduce energy costs when using our lights.

Our outdoor LED lights have certification from Electrical Testing Labs (ETL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), which can provide you with peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your lighting system.

Make It a Halloween to Remember for the Whole Street

With permanent Halloween lights from Gemstone Lights, your home will stand out among all the other houses on your street. Having such a festive house means you could end up with more kids stopping by while trick or treating, so have plenty of candy ready. If you’re a business owner, these lights can draw more customers to your store.

Outdoor LED Halloween lights can enhance the look of your home during this scary season. You can give your home an eerie glow with pulsing purple lights, or have an exciting display of orange, purple, and other colors flashing in a Halloween-themed pattern for an eye-catching appearance. You can set up a ghost pattern to make your home even spookier. You’ll find a wide range of possibilities when it comes to Halloween colors and designs for your outdoor LED lights.

purple and orange Halloween lights on a home at night

How Much Are Permanent Halloween Lights?

The cost of permanent LED Halloween lights for your home or business can vary, depending on several factors. The amount of track you’ll need based on the shape and design of your roof and the market in which you live. When you compare different options for LED Halloween lights, keep in mind that any estimates you receive should be given after a visit to your home or business.

As certified Authorized Dealers, the experts at Gemstone Lights can come to your home or business and gather the information needed for an accurate estimate. Our professionals are available throughout North America, so you can easily find a Gemstone Lights Dealer near you. When you get in touch with us to schedule a visit, our local professionals will take the measurements needed and consider other factors before providing you with an estimate. Keep in mind that this visit and estimate are free.

If you’re interested in getting outdoor LED Halloween lights for your home, please contact Gemstone Lights. We can give you more information about these lights and install them on your home exterior.

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