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The Benefits of Permanent Holiday Lights

When thinking about an excellent way to enhance the look and feel of your home’s exterior, it’s hard to go wrong with permanent lighting. For those who think holiday lights are only reserved for Christmas, you might be surprised to find out that you can use permanent LED lights year-round to add beauty and warmth to any outdoor area. Permanent holiday lighting is an efficient and easy-to-install solution for exterior decorations that can get used use-round. This type of lighting has several key advantages, including energy efficiency, long-lasting durability, and improved safety. At Gemstone Lights, we make the possibility of having permanent lighting available for our customers who want to enjoy the beauty and ambiance of holiday lighting year-round.

Permanent Holiday Lights Are Energy Efficient

One of the main concerns for any homeowner who wants to install permanent holiday lights is the operating costs. LED lights have much better efficiency than traditional incandescent bulbs, which can burn brighter with less electricity. This means you’ll be able to save money every year as you enjoy every holiday. For example, you could use different colors at different times of the year to celebrate the season or holiday without worrying about the costs. Leave them on and enjoy the beauty they provide for your home.

  • Christmas– green and red
  • Thanksgiving– yellow and orange
  • Fourth of July – Red, white, and blue
  • Valentine’s Day– Pink, red, and white

The energy efficiency of permanent LED lights also positively impacts the environment. LEDs emit much less heat than incandescent bulbs, which means they use fewer resources and generate less waste. They also last longer and require less maintenance, which further reduces their impact on the environment overall. When you compare LED lights to regular lights, they can be up to 85% more efficient because they use less energy and last longer. Using standard lights all year would become unaffordable because of their high energy consumption and short lifespan. LED lighting is a win-win for both the environment and your wallet. Not only does it drastically reduce energy costs, but it also offers significantly brighter illumination than traditional bulbs.

Permanent LED Lights Are Long Lasting And Durable

Now that we have learned how energy-efficient permanent holiday lights are, let’s dive to see why they are also a great choice for durability. First, they stand up to the harsh environment, whether the blazing summer sun or the middle of winter. They can withstand any weather condition and remain bright and beautiful for many years. Once a professional has them installed, they require very little maintenance moving forward. In contrast, typical lights need to get replaced at least once a year and more often if the weather is especially severe. This can quickly turn into an expensive expense for homeowners. With permanent LED lights, you’ll be able to enjoy the same level of illumination that continuously looks like new.

If you like using different colors to celebrate the holidays during the year, you’d also have to think about how difficult it would be to store and reuse regular lights from year to year. LEDs are more practical because they can stay up all year with no problem. Also, with the Gemstone Lights app, you can create your different colors and set multiple timers to create the look and feel you want any time of day.

Anyone considering these lights for their property knows the importance of durability for the holidays. Let’s consider the following example. Most people want to display their Christmas lights for at least one month. If you think about it, they could stay on from the beginning of December until the turn of the new year. Traditional lights might be cheaper, but you’ll spend more in the long run due to their short lifespan. LEDs, however, will last much longer, and you’ll be able to enjoy them all season without worrying about replacing them. Typically, they can last at least 50,000 hours or more. Compare this to regular bulbs that only last about 1,000 hours or sometimes less than that.

It is essential to have a professional installer secure your lights so that they can withstand the elements. In some environments, your outdoor lighting will be left to combat extreme temperatures and adversities such as rain, strong winds, and snow. They’ll also get installed correctly to avoid damage to your roofing or gutter systems.

Using Permanent Holiday Lights Is A Safer Option

Safety is always a priority when you have lighting around your property. Traditional lights emit much more heat than LEDs, making them a considerable fire risk for your property. Also, you have to think about small children who want to play with them. LEDs don’t get hot, so you can rest assured that your family and guests are safe. There’s also no risk of electric shocks because the bulbs use a low-voltage power source.

Permanent LED lights are safer because you don’t have to worry about leaving them on for extended periods. Even if you want to leave them on for hours or even days, you can rest assured that they won’t consume too much energy or start a fire. They also resist vibrations and shocks, providing extra protection for your home. Kids can play outside without parents worrying about electric shocks, getting injured from touching them, or playing with electric cords.

By installing new lights, you’re not only adding aesthetic appeal to your home but also safeguarding your family’s security. Ensuring your home is well-lit not only adds a feeling of warmth and coziness but also serves as an effective deterrent against vandalism, intruders, burglars, and other security issues. Furthermore, by having the lights on while it is dark outdoors, you can be reassured that your visibility will remain at its highest level and minimize the risk of slipping or falling.

Wrapping Up The Benefits Of Permanent Holiday Lights

If you want a way to add value and curb appeal to your property immediately, permanent LED lights are an excellent investment. In summary, using these lights for your home’s exterior has several benefits, including:

  • Energy-efficient– Enjoy a beautiful display on your home without worrying about your energy costs. Once installed, they use far less energy than regular holiday lights.
  • Durability– LEDs don’t get too hot and are resistant to wear and tear from storms, temperature changes, and more.
  • Safe for your home- You shouldn’t have to risk your safety to enjoy the benefits of LED outdoor lighting. LEDs are a much safer option than traditional lights.
  • Visibility– Lights provide more security and visibility around your home, reducing the risk of accidents. You’ll always feel more comfortable walking outside, even in the middle of the night.

Gemstone Lights has proudly been in business since 2016, giving our customers options for their outdoor lighting needs. We have authorized dealers around the country so everyone can enjoy the beauty and safety of permanent LED lights. If you’re looking for a reliable and durable product, you can trust us to deliver the best quality in outdoor lighting.

You have learned all about the advantages of using permanent LED holiday lights for your home’s exterior. These lights will provide years of satisfaction, from energy efficiency to long-lasting durability. Contact Gemstone Lights and get the perfect solution for your outdoor lighting needs today!

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