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Gemstone Lights!

Greg S.

I had a friend who had Gemstone lights installed in Edmonton, and I was skeptical at first wondering if I would use them for more seasons or all year then just using them at Christmas. I had sent off a...

Michelle I.

LOVE our Gemstone lights, and the great service the team provides!! We have had them for a year and half - really impressed with how the company is always working to improve the technology. And their response time is incredible...

Lori E.

Love my lights!! They look amazing. Josh did a great job on the install and took the time to help show me how the app is used. He replies super fast when I had any questions.

Christine P.

I love my Gemstone lights. Even my skeptical husband agrees that it is money well spent. They look sleek and there are so many setting options. Jordan was very easy to work with and rushed my install so I had...

Jeff S.

I have had my lights for almost a year now and absolutely love them. I originally intended to use them as Christmas lights and loved that they were permanent and low profile and that I don't have to climb up...

Sherry P.

If you don't have these lights on your house, you are missing out. We got them installed about 2-3 years ago and use these year round with so many options on lighting up the house. The new Hub upgrade makes...

Innes F.

We love our lights. They can be used as architectural lighting, security lighting, Christmas lights or for any occasion you choose. The phone app is easy to use and allows you full control of your lighting even if your away...

Bonnie B.

Very happy with the product. Great installation, very neat and tidy.. Make sure you get a detailed quote as there were an error on ours which I discovered when I got more details. We'll call it an honest mistake.

Bruce P.

We decided to get the Gemstone Lights installed as I am retired and cannot climb ladders as easily as I used to. In hindsight, we should have done this 5 or more years ago. The lights are fantastic and provide...

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