Customers LOVE
Gemstone Lights!

J C.

Loving my new lights! The possible light combinations are truly endless, but the number of preset light combinations available for download is a great starting point. Cole helped get me set up and he was awesome. Thanks for everything.

Ada C.

We love our Gemstone Lights! We can customize them however we want to match any holiday, all from the app. There's also a variety of designs you can download as well. Customer service is phenomenal. We bought a home that...

Dave N.

Love the product so far, service and install very professional. Found the price very reasonable when compared to other products. Love the ability to custom program. First attempt and made a Canada Day scheme for the house. Looking forward to...

Kit R.

I really appreciated the service provided by Jordan. We've had the lights for a year now and Jordan was super about getting everything straightened out for us. Thank you Jordan

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No more testimonial

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