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A husband and wife sitting on their couch talking about their Gemstone Lights experience
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Brett Wilson talking about his Gemstone Lights experience
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A husband and wife sitting on a couch, talking about their experience with Gemstone Lights
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Andrew S.

February 2021

Gemstone Lights delivered on promise in every way, from making an estimate promptly, securing an installation date shortly after deposit was made, to completing the job flawlessly and in time. Special thanks to Jay who accommodated my last-minute request and...

Jeanine U.

November 2020

We are so incredibly happy with our new lights. They are amazing and I love doing everything from my phone. There are so many different combinations. I love playing with them and changing them at night. I am sure I...

Nadia O.

November 2020

The best lights ever! Loving ours! Halloween lights were a hit! Can’t wait for Christmas! Love our lights used as architectural effect! Highly recommend them! 👌👌

Nicole A.

November 2020

Absolutely LOVE our Gemstone Lights!! Had them installed last December and we have used them SO MUCH this year! Love all the programs we can download to use and the customizable colors. You will NOT regret your decision to get...

Katherine E.

October 2020

Wow. There aren't many companies these days that exceed your expectations but Gemstone is one. The product is amazing, app super cool, prices very fair and their team is top notch from sales to installation. So happy with our purchase.

Delta H.

October 2020

We are in LOVE with our lights. This is the first holiday we are celebrating since having them installed - we couldn't be more excited! They will definitely help set a spooky mood. Happy Halloween

Giuliana M.

October 2020

Absolutely love this product and the way the company conducts business. So excellent!!! I highly recommend you LIGHT up your life!!!! In these times the light is what will carry us, sustain us and support us.

Mike K.

October 2020

Best lights ever. Effortless. Easy and Fun. Have them on everyday. People always walk by in amazement. We have had many friends and family convert to Gemstone. You guys have a great product and amazing people who install.

Bravo K.

October 2020

Worth every penny! These lights are fully customizable and versatile. The mobile app is easy to use and navigate, plus you can sync it with Google Home. Set timers, for colors and patterns. And maybe the best part, you never...

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