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Power went out?

  • Once power is restored, the Gemstone Lights System is designed to reconnect
  • If the lights are connected to a switch, ensure the switch is on
  • Check to see if a breaker flipped, if so, reactivate the breaker
  • Launch the Gemstone Lights Hub App to confirm the online connection
  • If not connected, follow these steps to reconnect the Gemstone Lights Hub App to the WiFi
  • Hit the “+” button in the top right corner
  • Select “Controller” (connects to bluetooth signal, lights should be flashing white now)
  • 2.4 Ghz select “WiFi Sync”
  • 5G select “Advanced Sync”
  • Connect to your home WiFi with password (in the event of failure of “Timeout”, check that the auto capitalization did not affect the password)
  • Hit “Next”
  • Hit “Go to Connect” this will connect your phone to the Controller’s WiFi signal
  • Find “SmartLife” under your available WiFi networks (no password required)  
  • When the checkmark is visible, go back into the Gemstone Lights Hub App 
  • Device added successfully hit “Done” 
  • Set Bluetooth name (differentiator from neighbor’s) and password (simple example of 6 numbers – 123456)


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