Create a Timer

  1. To create a timer, go into your controller by tapping on it
  2. Tap the Timer tab at the bottom of the screen 
  3. You will see a list of any timers currently on the controller. Tap the create a timer option at the top of your previously created timers.
  4. Tap mode to select a mode. A pop up will appear with three options: Color, Pattern Folders, and Custom Architectural
    • Color allows you to select a solid color for your timer
    • Pattern Folders will allow you to select a pattern from your library that you have created or downloaded
    • Custom Architectural will allow you to select custom presets you have created for your lights
    • I will select the pattern folders option and choose a Christmas pattern
  5. A timer name will be automatically assigned according to the pattern name. If you would like to change the name tap timer name and enter a name
    • Tap confirm
  6. You are now able to select if you would like the timer to repeat Weekly or Yearly 
    • Weekly allows you to set a time for the lights to turn on and off for different days of the week 
    • Yearly allows you to set the lights on a specific mode for an occasion that happens yearly such as a birthday 
    • I will use the weekly option 
  7. Choose what days you would like the timer to occur on
    • All the days that are colored are selected. The timer will occur on that day.
    • I want my lights to come on every weekday so I deselect Sunday and Saturday
  8. Now select when you would like the lights to turn on and off. I want my lights to turn on at 8:00 pm (20:00) and off at 11:59 pm (23:59)
  9. Click save in the top right corner 
  10. Your new timer is now created!
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