Create a Custom Architectural Pattern

  1. To create a custom architectural pattern, go into your controller by tapping on it
  2. Tap the Custom tab at the bottom of the screen
  3. Once in the Custom tab, tap the plus button at the top right of the screen
  4. You will be presented with a diagram of each one of your lights
    • Each of which can be selected and set to present any color you like
  5. I want to light up every peak on the house
    • As you tap the lights on the diagram. They will be circled in blue on the app
    • The corresponding light will begin flashing on your house
    • You are able to set more than one light at a time
    • This may take a bit of trial and error to find the correct lights
    • The houses peaks reside with lights 10-30 and 60-80
    • Select each light in those ranges
    • Once all the lights have been selected they will all be circled in blue
    • Tap and hold on to one of the selected lights
  6. You are now brought to the color editor screen
    • To select the color of your lights, swipe around on the color wheel
    • The current color of your lights is displayed in the top left
    • You can also see the sliders for the percent value of red, green, blue, and warm white if you would like to fine-tune your color
    • If you found a color you like, but want the lights to be dimmer, the brightness slider can be used. By moving the brightness slider down, the brightness of all the other sliders will be decreased.
    • Below the brightness slider is color blocks
    • Tapping on a color will select the color for your lights
    • I want a warm white so I will select it using the color blocks
    • Once complete. Tap the save button in the top right corner
  7. You will now be brought back to the light diagram where all of the lights you have previously selected will be populated with the color you chose
  8. If you are satisfied with your custom pattern.
  9. Tap Custom in the top left corner. A pop up will appear
  10. Enter a name for your custom pattern. Tap save
  11. Your new pattern will now appear in the customs tab
  12. The custom pattern can be toggled on or off by tapping on the toggle button to the right of your new pattern!
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