Create a Pattern

  1. To Create a Pattern, go into your controller by tapping on it
  2. Tap the folder where you would like to create the pattern
  3. You will see all the patterns currently in the folder. Tap create a pattern.
  4. You are now in the pattern builder screen.
  5. A name will be automatically assigned to the pattern depending on the animation you choose. 
  6. If you would like to edit the name tap on the name and enter a name for your pattern
  7. The first dropdown is to select an animation.
    • I will choose Ghost
  8. The second dropdown is to select a direction
    • I will select left
    • Note that not all animations have multiple options for the direction
  9. Optionally, select a background color by tapping on ‘Background Color’ and choosing a color from the color selector or your favourites.
    • I’ll choose red
    • If you ever want to remove the background color, tap on the X
  10. Now choose the pattern colors
    • To add additional pattern colors tap on the plus button to the right.
    • To remove pattern colors, select the pattern color and tap the delete button
    • I want to select Red and Green for my colors. Tap on the first colour and select red using the color selector or your favourites. Then tap on the second color and select green.
    • If you would like to edit the brightness of the color use the brightness slider below
  11. To preview the pattern on your lights, tap on the play button
  12. If you would like to edit the speed of the pattern use the speed slider below.
  13. Once you’re satisfied with your pattern click save in the top right. Your pattern will now appear in the folder.
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