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Bluetooth Pairing Request AT+PIN=N

If you receive the following error when trying to connect via Bluetooth, a hard reset of your controller is required.


Bluetooth Pairing Request

“Gemstone AT+PIN=N” would like to pair with your iPhone. Enter the code shown on “Gemstone AT+PIN=N”. Do not do anything on “Gemstone AT+PIN=N” until pairing is complete.


To perform a hard reset:

  1. Ensure you have physical access to the controller and a small pen
  2. Make sure the controller is powered on
  3. There are two small buttons on top of the controller labelled “Reset Controller” and “Reset WiFi”
  4. Hold the first button in for 10 seconds and release
  5. Hold the second button in for 10 seconds and release
  6. Try connecting again


If the problem persists contact your authorized Gemstone Lights Dealer.

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