Embrace Brilliance with Gemstone Lights' Smart LED Light Strips

Transform your space into a mesmerizing light show using Gemstone Lights’ smart LED light strips.

Advanced LED Light Strips

Effortlessly transform your space as you brighten the back of your TV or gaming station, add a radiant glow to the underside of your kitchen cabinets, or infuse your bedroom with style by adhering these strips to the base of your bed frame. The possibilities are endless with our LED Light Strips, bringing radiance and charm to every corner of your world.

Why Choose LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lighting stands out as a durable, energy-efficient alternative to traditional linear lighting options like incandescent, xenon, and halogen lights. With an extended lifespan and low energy consumption, LED strip lights offer long-lasting, reliable illumination while reducing maintenance efforts and costs.

Embrace the brilliance of LED strip lights, a perfect fusion of technology, efficiency, and creativity that elevates your living and working spaces, making them an obvious choice for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Seamless Light Strip Installation

Whether you need short and subtle accents or long and captivating lengths of strip lights, our team of experienced installers ensures a seamless and polished outcome.

You’ll be amazed by how these light strips effortlessly blend into your space, becoming practically invisible until you illuminate them. Our commitment to precision and expertise guarantees that once installed, these light strips will enhance your space leaving you with a beautiful lighting system.

Control your Strip Lights using the Gemstone HUB App

With unparalleled ease of access, controlling these light strips is a breeze. Using the Gemstone HUB app, simply tap your smart device to manually turn them on, set them to a timer for automated lighting, or let them activate when motion is detected. Experience the ultimate in simplicity and ambiance, all at your fingertips.


The cost of our Track Lighting will vary depending on your location. Please contact an Authorized Dealer today for an exact quote for your home.

The Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system uses the most cutting-edge LED technology available, allowing for a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. With average usage being 6 hours a day, the system is rated to last around 23 years!

The average size home (with 117 linear feet of roofline) will require 150 Gemstone Lights. At maximum capacity, the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting LED lights pull 1 watt/bulb. Therefore, if you were to run the track lighting system for an average of 6 hours per day, it would cost: $4.34 per month, or $52.80 per year. These calculations are based on the maximum power draw of our lights (1 watt/light) while on bright white, at a $0.16 kilowatt hour rate. If you’re interested in learning more, we welcome you to read our blog post: WHAT’S THE COST OF RUNNING GEMSTONE LIGHTS TRACK LIGHTING SYSTEM?

Yes, we install on both wood and aluminum trim. Your Authorized Dealer will determine which type of track best suits your home. If you have any questions about the track chosen, your Authorized Dealer will be happy to help.

Yes, the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system is waterproof. It Is IP67 rated ensuring your system will have no issues when it comes to water.

Yes, all cables and lights in the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system are UV rated, allowing the system to work as efficiently as the day you bought it, throughout the lifetime of the lights.

No, we do not offer a DIY solution for the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting System. We have a large network of Authorized Dealers across North America who are available to install our system for you. See if we have an authorized dealer in your area.

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