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Smart Christmas Lights: The Future of Holiday Decor

Have you ever heard of year-long Smart Christmas Lights? They are permanent lights that you can control with your phone and customize in over 16 million color options without having to climb up a ladder ever again! Once they’re installed, all you have to do is push a button to turn them on, change their color, create motion animation patterns, set timers, and more. Sounds too good to be true? Read more below on how smart Christmas lights are the future of holiday decorating!

 Smart Christmas Lights - Gemstone Lights LED Christmas Lights

Fun Smart Light Features

Smart permanent outdoor lights have multiple features to add ease to your life and beauty to your home. Smart lights are not only great for Christmas decorations, but they are great for year-round use—their customizability allows you to use them daily or to decorate for any holiday!

These features include:

  • Controlling your lights through a smartphone app via Bluetooth or Wi-fi from anywhere in the world.
  • Setting multiple timers to specific patterns for any day or time—including the ability to have your lights automatically turn on and off at sunset and sunrise.
  • Thousands of preset patterns that can be turned on with a click of a button.
  • Full creative control over your home’s ambiance by customizing each light to any color or animation with over 16 million colors and over 20 animation options.

Types of Smart Christmas Lights

Smart Residential Track Lights

Smart Residential Lights are an aluminum track lighting system that’s permanently installed into your home and will seamlessly blend into its architectural features while creating a downlighting effect. You can use them to decorate in endless ways, from creating a  “25 Days of Christmas” display to a classic, welcoming feel with a timeless warm white glow.

They are not like your average string lights. Our smart track lights are wire-free and fully customizable to your wants and needs, making them a perfect home addition all year round. You can choose from thousands of premade Christmas patterns, plus so much more.  You can accent certain parts of your home, build a festive pattern, or set a timer so you never have to remember to turn on and off your lights ever again.

Smart Flood Lights

Our Smart Flood Lights have the same smart features as our residential lights, but these lights provide an upward lighting effect that can be used on trees, decks, steps, landscaping, and architectural features.

These waterproof smart flood lights have a multifaceted lighting timer, plus sunset to sunrise automaton. You can also control the hue and brightness of your flood lights through your phone, making it easy for you to build a perfect runway for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Opal Bulbs

Our Opal Bulbs are smart-controlled bulbs that will create a magical indoor environment to create a cozy holiday cheer. You can customize the bulb to any color to create a memorable ambiance in your home.

You can control your Opal Bulb through your phone or connect it to your Alexa or Google Home to dim your lights, change the color, and turn them on and off. One of our favorite things about this feature is that you never have to get out of bed to make sure the lights are off!

Smart String Lights

Smart string lights are also an option for Christmas lighting, as long as you are okay climbing up your ladder to install the lights onto your home, patio, or fence.

There are some benefits to string lights, along with some downsides.

Smart string lights are a cheaper option that you don’t have to hire a professional to install, and all you have to do is plug them in to turn them on and unplug them to turn them off.

However, they are the smart Christmas lights that are the most sensitive to cold temperatures and weather changes. Bulbs can burn out quickly, wires can be an eyesore, and you will have to put the lights up and take them down every year.

The Power of Smart Technology

Gemstone Lights LED Christmas Lights

Smart light technology is a simple tool you can use to add to your home’s beautification and security. Gemstone Lights’ smart features and creative abilities allow you to create a timeless atmosphere that you will never forget.

The Mobile Hub App

Gemstone Lights App iOS

Gemstone Lights’ Hub App is an app you can use to control your lights via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This app is available to you in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

In this app, you can change the colors of your lights, create a custom pattern in less than a minute, or choose from one of our thousands of preset patterns.

These patterns can be turned on manually by clicking a button on the app or presetting a timer. This smart feature allows you to leave the house for a Christmas party with ease of mind knowing that your home has that extra layer of protection—it will always look like you’re home, even when you’re not.

With the lights smart cloud feature, you can control and check on your lights from anywhere in the world, knowing that your lights will always be on at night to light up your driveway and add festive charm to your neighborhood.

Smart Home Integration

Gemstone Lights can also be connected to your Google Home or Alexa. This feature allows you to give voice commands to set up your lights without having to lift a finger. You can effortlessly transition from festive red and green patterns to an elegant, warm white.

The Benefits of Smart Christmas Lights

  • You can choose one of our premade patterns for quick and easy Christmas decorations.
  • Create the perfect pattern for your family and the season from millions of color and animation combos.
  • Explore through pattern folders for inspiration, varying from warm and bright white lights to colorful patterns filled with Christmas cheer.
  • They will blend into your home’s architectural features with a color-matched track and screws that are built to work with any angle and depth on your home.
  • Every bulb is rated to last 23 years.
  • These lights are weatherproof to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • They’re energy efficient. Our smart LED lightbulb is rated to require 1 watt per hour at a maximum.
  • You or your loved one doesn’t have to risk going up a ladder to set your lights up and take them down every year.

The Endless Possibilities of Smart Christmas Lights

The possibilities of decorating your home with smart lights are endless! Here are a few ideas to help create a festive spirit.

  • Build an elegant, warm white pattern to create a welcoming ambiance for house guests.
  • You can make your home look like a candy cane, gingerbread house, or a Christmas tree.
  • Set up a different pattern every day for 12 or even more Days of Christmas.
  • You can set up a runway for Santa and his Reindeer.
  • Build a pattern specific for Santa so he can see your home when delivering presents.
  • Have the lights automatically turn on while you’re Christmas shopping.
  • Have your bright white lights twinkle at night while it snows outside.
  • Create a family activity of building a Christmas pattern for the day, varying in colors and animations.
  • Maybe your family Christmas Elf is in a mischievous mood and will change the house pattern while the kids are asleep?

More Than Just Holiday Decor

These smart LED lights are not only made to be Christmas lights, they can also be used for any other holiday like New Year’s, Saint Patrick’s, Halloween, or to cheer on your favorite sports teams.

These smart lights can also accent your home’s architectural features and can be programmed to emit shimmering architectural lighting patterns.


Question: Are Smart Holiday String Lights worth it?

Answer: It depends on what your primary focus is. If you want to save on upfront costs, yes. If you want to save on time, ease of turning on the lights, energy efficiency, and lifespan a permanent track system would be a better choice.

Question: Where can I buy smart Christmas lights?

Answer: Gemstone Lights products can be bought at an authorized dealership. Other products like string lights can be bought at retail stores or online.

Question: What are permanent smart Lights?

Answer: Permanent smart lights are commercial LED lights in a track system that are permanently installed outside your home between the fascia and the soffit. The lights blend into your home perfectly, so they are invisible during the day but are built to stand out at night.

Question: What are the downsides to getting smart permanent Christmas Lights?

Answer: The main downside of getting smart permanent Christmas lights is the upfront costs. These lights are an investment but are cheaper than other options over time due to the quality and low maintenance requirements of the product and multiple smart features. Many authorized dealerships also provide financing options for customers if necessary.


Smart Christmas Lights are a great investment for during and after the holidays! These lights will bring additional ease to your home decor and life during a chaotic season while always welcoming you with a captivating ambiance every night.

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