App “Settings” Tutorial

To locate the settings click on the cog wheel at the upper right corner of the static page

It is important the proper ic type be selected. For all the newer lights please choose ucs2904.

If you have an older version of our lights you will need to select p943 or ws2811

Device name: Here you can name the controller and set the amount of lights/pixels that are on your building.

IC Chip: newer lights UCS2904. Older lights P943 or Ws2811

Number of Pixels: Setting the pixel count is important if it set lower than the actual number of lights on the house, then the remaining lights will not control and will likely be stuck on a single color.

You can choose more than what is on the house but certain patterns that repeat will take longer to come around because the controller thinks it needs to send the signal to more lights.

Color Sequence: This should be set to RED GREEN BLUE on all newer lights. Older lights may need to be set to Green Red Blue.

Import File: Used for Android devices to import others builder files

Update Firmware: Here you can check to make sure you have the latest firmware. When you push on this button if both dates match the firmware is up to date.

Note: (Firmware updates are now auto and will generate a message when the firmware needs to be updated.)

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