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Questions to Ask When Buying an LED Light System for Your Home or Business

An LED light system can provide your home or business with an energy-efficient way to brighten up your building interior or exterior. These lights don’t use as much energy as other bulbs, such as incandescent bulbs, which helps save you money on your energy bills. With the right system, you can enhance your home or business while also adding more light for practical purposes.

As you explore options for LED lights for home or business use, you should be prepared to find out certain details. This information can help you select the best LED lights for business or residential use. Before deciding on a system and making your purchase, you should ask the following questions.

How Often Is Your App Updated?

When you’re looking for an LED light system that you can control with your smart device, it’s important to make sure you’ll be able to use it. These systems typically have an app that you can download in order to control your lights. Through these apps, you can turn your LED lights on or off. Depending on the features your system has, you might also be able to adjust the brightness, change colors, or turn on patterns. The ease of being able to use an app to do all of this means you’ll get more use out of your LED light system once it’s installed and connected.

screenshot of Gemstone HUB app

However, an app that doesn’t update often could lead to issues with controlling your LED lights. Regular updates help ensure that the app is working correctly. These updates help fix bugs and other errors that can make it hard or even impossible to use your app. Updates are also made to introduce new colors, patterns, or other features for LED light systems.

Asking how often an LED light app is updated can help you determine how much use you’ll be able to get from that system. When companies don’t update apps often, you might have a difficult time using the app reliably. Knowing that the system you’re purchasing has regular updates indicates that the company cares about making sure customers are able to get the most use out of it. As you compare options for LED lights for home or business use, make sure you ask about app updates.

Are the Lights Individually Addressable?

When you want an LED light system that allows you to change colors or use patterns, you’ll want to find one with lights that are individually addressable. These lights have a tiny controller chip that makes it possible to change their appearance, such as switching to a different color or setting up a certain theme or design. These kinds of effects can’t be done with traditional LED light systems. Instead, you’re usually stuck with one color or maybe a couple of colors.

With individually addressable LED light systems, your lights can have multiple colors to create an eye-catching effect. These light systems can also be used to come up with customized designs or patterns for a visually striking effect. For example, you might use this type of system to set up a special holiday pattern or a design that pays tribute to your favorite sports team. You can also use these LED light systems to celebrate personal occasions, such as birthdays or graduations.

The peak of a home with bright white Gemstone Lights turned on

Asking whether or not lights are individually addressable can help you determine if the system in question will provide the kind of effects you’re looking for. A traditional LED light system might be suitable for someone who is only looking for plain lights to add inside or outside their home or business. However, you’ll need to purchase a system with individually addressable LED lights to achieve complex lighting effects, such as different colors and multiple patterns. These systems can help you maximize your lighting system usage while also keeping your energy bills down.

Do Your Lights Offer Warm White?

LED lights for business or home use typically come in cool white, which gives more of a bluish tone to lighting. This kind of lighting is often used for areas where you want to create a more energetic environment, such as an office or kitchen. Cool white LED lights are also used in areas where a high amount of brightness is needed, such as workshops or garages. You can install cool white LED lights indoors or outdoors as needed, but they’re not always the best tone to choose.

Warm white LED lights have more of a yellowish tone compared to cool white LED lights. These lights can create a relaxing environment with softer lighting. When you want LED lighting that has a warm ambience rather than a harsh glow, warm white LED lights are the right choice. This type of LED lighting is available with some LED light systems. You might consider using warm white LED lights in areas such as living rooms or dining rooms. You can also use warm white LED lighting on building or home exteriors to cast a soft glow on certain architectural features or all around the perimeter of your roof.

warm white landscape lights at the front of a home

Asking about warm white LED lights is important when you’re looking for lighting that creates a soothing atmosphere. Choosing an LED light system that includes warm white and cool white options means you’ll be able to choose which one to use at certain times or in particular areas. Keep in mind that you can also look for a lighting system that offers many other colors as well.

Are They CSA & ETL Certified?

When choosing an LED light system for your home or business, it’s important to make sure the one you buy has met safety standards. This helps lower the risk of damage or injuries resulting from the use of these products. For LED lights, you should choose a system that is CSA or ETL certified. These certifications indicate that these lights meet safety requirements.

What do these terms mean? The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) certify LED light bulbs and other products based on strict safety standards. CSA is a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL). ETL tests products based on standards set by NRTL organizations, such as the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Close up a Gemstone Light showing the ETL Certification stamp

When you look at LED light systems, you should see ETL or CSA on them if they’ve been certified. You can also ask the company if their LED lights have these certifications. If products are not certified, you should avoid purchasing and using them for safety reasons. As you compare lighting systems, you should also make sure you choose lights that are considered safe for outdoor use if needed, such as outdoor shop lights or landscaping lights. Some lights are for indoor use only, while others can be used indoors or outdoors.

Contact Us for High-Quality LED Lights

If you’re in the market for an LED light system for your home or business, contact Gemstone Lights. Our permanent, customizable systems provide convenient control right from your smart device. We can give you additional information on our LED light systems and help you choose the ideal one for your residential or commercial building.  We’re also glad to answer any questions you have about our LED light systems. Our products are CSA and ETL certified, so you can count on being able to use them safely.

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