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How to Light Up Your Nativity Outdoor Christmas Decorations

The anticipation of the holidays is one of the best things about preparing for the big event. Many families love to go all-out for Christmas, especially when it comes to outdoor decorations. Since the sun tends to set early this time of year, it’s important to consider how you’ll light your decorations so they’re visible beyond the season’s small window of daylight hours.

You can have the most beautiful nativity scene, but if it’s not lit correctly, people will struggle to see it at night so you won’t be making the most of your efforts. Besides, is there anything better than driving around during the holidays and admiring the festively lit homes as the sun sinks?

Nativity outdoor Christmas decorations are among the most tricky to light. If you’ve been wondering how to light up your nativity, we’ve devised a few ways to create an eye-catching scene you and your neighbors will love.

How to Light Up Your Nativity Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Lighting Your Outdoor Nativity Decorations

An outdoor nativity is the perfect way to celebrate the meaning of Christmas, whether you’re setting up a scene in your front yard for the neighbors to enjoy or a business owner looking to create a unique display for your customers.

But lighting your nativity scene is important. You can have a gorgeous display in the daytime, but you still want people to be able to enjoy it even after dark—especially in areas where the sun sets as early as 4 PM! A permanent lighting system can unexpectedly make your festive decorations look even more inviting, and it can be a great way to enjoy outdoor Christmas lights with less effort.

Flood Lights

The most obvious choice for lighting up a nativity scene is floodlights. Floodlights are placed on the ground and can be positioned to illuminate anything, from a dark path to a long driveway. They can create a warm, welcoming vibe or highlight landscaping and architectural features, and we think they’re underrated when it comes to festive lights.

We like our permanent flood lights because they’re pretty dramatic when lit in different colors. At Gemstone Lights, our LED flood lights can be controlled using our app, which means you can switch colors on a whim. This means you can personalize your nativity scene depending on your mood.

For example, you can go for classic white, which creates incredibly dramatic shadows at night, or choose bright colors for that fun, festive spirit.

Permanent flood lights are helpful all year round, but they come into their own when you want to light up your nativity scene or any other outdoor decorations you might have. If you wish to those inflatable snowmen and reindeer to make an impact, bright flood lights are the way to go.

We think strategically placed lights can enhance all the details of your lovingly crafted nativity scene. This means that your whole neighborhood can enjoy them, even at nighttime. Families with young kids often enjoy wandering around the neighborhood looking for interesting decorations in the run-up to the big day, and floodlighting will mean nobody will miss your festive efforts.

Our lights are permanent and can be used for different purposes year-round. We install these lights with the cables underground, meaning you won’t have to worry about anyone tripping over on their way to look more closely at your Christmas decorations.

After the holidays, you can use them to light up landscaping in your front yard or the outside of your business—we love how they add dimension and curb appeal to your property while allowing you to decorate for any holiday effortlessly.

Track Lights

Gemstone Lights LED Christmas Lights

While flood lights are the obvious choice for lighting a nativity scene, our residential track lights are a good choice, too. Our permanent track lights are designed to fit on any home, even if you have an unusual fascia to work with.

We ensure the tracks blend in with the architectural style and color of your building, which means your lights won’t stand out in the daytime. That’s part of why we’re so passionate about them at Gemstone Lights.

We think that track lights are great for the holiday season because you can easily switch from soft, twinkling white lights to classic red-and-green using the app, and they can create a welcoming, warm glow.

This means that when the Christmas period is over, you can switch to another color and still have a cozy home without making people think of Christmas. That’s a significant advantage over string lights, usually just for the holidays.

Track lights can help draw attention to your home, letting the neighbors know that you’re celebrating Christmas. They also help to light up the exterior of your property, which can help to draw attention to your nativity scene and help to light up the area for visitors to see it properly.

If you have a business, commercial track lights are a great way to remind passing customers that you’re open for business and can help drive more traffic to your business in the evenings. Gemstone Lights also help light up the local area, making customers and staff feel safer on dark winter evenings.

The combination of flood lights and track lights can be a powerful tool for your nativity scene, but either way, having some kind of lighting is important to allow people to see your decorations at night.

Our Gemstone Lights permanent Christmas lights can help to take the effort and stress out of exterior lighting: no more scrambling up ladders to light up your home for Christmas—every year, it’ll be done for you, no sweat.

Nativity Outdoor Christmas Decorations Inspiration

Lighting can make a big difference to your nativity scenes. For example, floodlights can create a sense of drama:

This is an excellent example of how floodlights can create dramatic shadows. This cool white/blue flood lighting system draws attention to the main stars of the nativity, making a big impact. Our Gemstone permanent flood lights can create this drama, and you can switch up the colors using the app whenever you like.

In this example, however, warm lighting creates a cozy, inviting vibe. Thanks to the floodlighting, the nativity is still the obvious eye-catching attraction. Still, the warm white, complemented by the Christmas tree and the other lighting in the background, creates warmth and makes the whole scene feel beautifully festive.


This is another example of dramatic flood lighting. The close positioning of these lights allows visitors to see the tiniest details on the characters’ faces. If you have a large, intricately painted, or detailed nativity scene, a closely placed flood light can allow visitors to see it even on dark nights.


In this example, you can see how the backdrop of a softly lit home can help draw attention to the decorations in the yard. While these are string rather than track lights, the lighting placement is similar to our permanent track lights.

Having track lights in the background can make your whole home look beautiful. They can light up the front yard and draw attention to the decorations while at the same time creating a soft, cozy atmosphere.


Here, we can see a combination of down lighting and up lighting. The warm lights from the home match the floodlights, and the illumination from two directions helps the display stand out.

If you have a simple nativity scene, adding some string lights helps to make the whole scene stand out. That would be even better if you could match the colors to your permanent lighting system!


In this example, floodlighting and track lighting combine to create a dramatic scene. Again, the more extraordinary color of the floodlights creates dramatic shadows, while the track lights create a softness. Using both can create a welcoming and exciting scene for passers-by to enjoy.

Nativity Outdoor Christmas Decorations FAQ’s

Question: Can outdoor permanent lights withstand cold, harsh weather conditions?

Answer: Yes. Gemstone Lights were created with harsh conditions in mind, so even if you have blizzards on the horizon for Christmas, they’ll hang in there. This gives them a considerable advantage over string lights, which can easily break or come loose in high winds or heavy rain/snow.

Question: How much do permanent outdoor lights cost?

Answer: First, there is the installation charge. This is a one-off payment that covers both the lights and the time it takes to install them. The charge varies depending on several factors, including how many lights you require and the local charges in your area.

However, once installed, our LED lights are designed to be energy-efficient and cheap. They’re more energy-efficient than string lights, for example. So you may even notice a drop in your energy bills.

Question: What if a bulb needs replacing?

Answer: If one of your bulbs needs replacing on any of your permanent holiday lights, your local Authorized Dealer can do this for you. Our LED lights are built to last for decades, but if you need a new bulb, it will be covered by our five-year warranty.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in lighting up your nativity Christmas decorations, contact one of our Authorized Dealers. They’ll be able to get the ball rolling and install beautiful, subtle, and versatile lights that you can use all year round, not just for Christmas.

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