Columbus, OH: Eternal Festivity with Premier Permanent Christmas Lights

Columbus, OH, a city of innovation and diversity, now glows with eternal festivity thanks to premier permanent Christmas lights. Crafted by Gemstone Lights, these top-tier lighting solutions are tailored to enhance Columbus’ iconic landmarks, bustling downtown areas, and charming neighborhoods. Enduring the city’s varied climate, our energy-efficient LED lights offer customizable designs, ensuring every evening is a captivating holiday spectacle, enriching the city’s warm ambiance and festive spirit.

We have 1 Authorized Gemstone Lights Dealers in Columbus, Ohio.

Illuminate Columbus: Our Journey

Embark on Gemstone Lights’ journey, led by Tate Leavitt in 2016 to meet the demand for durable, high-quality outdoor lighting solutions. Pioneering the industry, our company offers innovative LED systems controlled via a user-friendly mobile app, allowing seamless customization of colors and patterns. With advanced features like dedicated warm white bulbs and individual light control through a cloud-based hub, our products, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, now serve over 300 markets across North America, dedicated to delivering premium indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions.

Radiant Brilliance: Our Diverse Range

In Columbus, where history meets modernity, our diverse range of lighting products, including robust outdoor lights and color-changing LED options, complements any setting. Embrace the convenience and elegance of permanent Christmas lights from Gemstone Lights, bidding farewell to the hassle of seasonal decorations.

Residential Track Lights

Light up your home to celebrate every season and celebration that life brings with track lights that blend perfectly into your home!

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Commercial Track Lights

Bring your brand to life and enhance your brand recognition… all from the convenience of a smart device.

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Flood Lights

Bring your backyard to life with Smart LED Flood Lights that fit any outdoor space!

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We have 1 Authorized Gemstone Lights Dealers in Columbus, Ohio.

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Effortless Lighting Mastery: Gemstone Hub App

Tailored to Columbus’ dynamic and vibrant lifestyle, the Gemstone Hub App offers effortless control over your lighting arrangements. Customize your permanent Christmas lights with ease, ensuring your property embodies Columbus’ festive and celebratory essence year-round.

Radiant Reviews in Columbus: Customer Testimonials

Hear from Columbus residents who have adorned their homes and businesses with Gemstone Lights. Our Trustpilot reviews highlight the profound impact our permanent Christmas lights have had, featuring stories of joy and community enhancement from our satisfied clientele.

Innovative Lighting Solutions for Columbus: Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about integrating permanent Christmas lights into Columbus’ unique landscape? Our FAQ section provides comprehensive insights into our resilient and versatile lighting solutions, engineered to thrive in Columbus’ climate while enhancing its vibrant allure.

What Type of Lighting does the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting System Utilize?

The Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system employs advanced LED RGBWW (R= Red | G= Green | B= Blue | WW= Warm White) bulbs, delivering the brightest and most captivating colors available in the industry.

Can Gemstone Lights Track Lighting be Mounted on Different Soffit & Fascia Materials such as Timber?

Certainly, Gemstone Lights can be installed on both wood and aluminum trim, suitable for residences in Columbus, OH. Your Authorized Dealer will determine the optimal track type for your specific requirements. Should you have any inquiries regarding the selected track, your Authorized Dealer will be delighted to assist.

Can Gemstone Lights Track Lighting Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions?

Yes, the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system is engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for use. As a Canadian-owned company, we have designed our system to operate effectively in extreme rain, snow, and sunlight.

What is the Cost of Gemstone Lights?

The cost of Gemstone Lights Track Lighting depends on two factors: the required linear feet and the prevailing local market rate for installation. For an accurate quote tailored to your needs, we encourage you to reach out to your local Authorized Dealer, who can provide a personalized price based on your specific requirements and the local market rate in Columbus, OH.

How Bright are the Lights in the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting System?

Each Gemstone Lights Track Light operates at 46 lumens per light and 60-100 lumens per foot at maximum brightness, ideal for illuminating properties in Columbus, OH.

What is the Cost of Running Gemstone Lights Track Lighting?

For an average-sized home (with 117 linear feet of roofline) requiring 150 Gemstone Lights, the LED lights in the Track Lighting system consume 1 watt per bulb at maximum capacity. Therefore, running the track lighting system for an average of 6 hours per day in Columbus, OH would cost approximately $4.34 per month or $52.80 per year. For further insights, consider exploring our comprehensive blog on WHAT’S THE COST OF RUNNING GEMSTONE LIGHTS TRACK LIGHTING SYSTEM?

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