Best Permanent Christmas Lights in Jacksonville, FL

With 80,000 acres of land dedicated to parks, the intracoastal waterway, and 22 miles of beach, it’s obvious that Jacksonville loves the outdoors. Which makes sense since the city averages 270 days of sunshine per year. However, enjoying the great outdoors does not need to be confined to the hours when the sun is out.

Gemstone Lights allows you to continue outdoor activities into the night. Light up a pier for sunset surfing, celebrate the completion of the Gate River Run with fun animations, or relax on the porch watching the sunrise over the ocean with ambient lighting. We offer the best permanent Christmas lights and ambient outdoor LED lights that allow you to customize your space and make the most of your time outside. 

We have 4 Authorized Gemstone Lights Dealers in Jacksonville, Florida.

About Gemstone Lights: Gemstone Lights in Jacksonville

There are many ways to celebrate life with Gemstone Lights, with 16 million color choices, over 20 different animations, and the ability to schedule out specific settings. Turn on teal and gold lights to cheer on the Jaguars for Sunday night football, then set your lights to red, white, and blue to support your military neighbors the next day. Gemstone Lights also make the best programmable outdoor Christmas lights—you won’t need to grapple with tangled string lights ever again! 

We use the newest smart technology, compatible with your current Alexa or Google Home system. Plus, you can control settings from anywhere with a unique cloud-based hub and mobile app. You won’t need to worry about the intense Jacksonville sun fading your exterior home lighting because of added UV protection. Professional dealers install your permanent outdoor lighting for you, ensuring they blend into your home seamlessly and all wires are tucked away safely.

Gemstone Lights Products for Jacksonville

In the heart of Jacksonville, where the community’s spirit shines bright, Gemstone Lights offers an array of lighting products designed to suit every occasion. From permanent holiday lights that keep the festive spirit alive year-round to outdoor color-changing LED lights that adapt to your mood or event, our products are Jacksonville’s go-to for enhancing the city’s natural and architectural beauty.

Residential Track Lights

Light up your home to celebrate every season and celebration that life brings with track lights that blend perfectly into your home!

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Commercial Track Lights

Bring your brand to life and enhance your brand recognition… all from the convenience of a smart device.

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Flood Lights

Bring your backyard to life with Smart LED Flood Lights that fit any outdoor space!

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We have 4 Authorized Gemstone Lights Dealers in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Control at Your Fingertips: Gemstone Hub App

Jacksonville’s lively pace and outdoor lifestyle demand a lighting solution that keeps up. The Gemstone Hub App offers unparalleled control over your permanent holiday lighting, allowing you to customize patterns, colors, and schedules from anywhere, at any time—perfect for the active Jacksonville life.

Jacksonville Speaks: Real Testimonials from Gemstone Lights Customers

Hear directly from Jacksonville residents who’ve transformed their spaces with Gemstone Lights. Our Trustpilot review widget showcases genuine feedback, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in Jacksonville. Discover why your neighbors trust Gemstone Lights for their outdoor lighting needs.

Light Up Jacksonville, FL: Gemstone Lights' Premier Lighting Services Across Top Suburbs

Discover Gemstone Lights’ exceptional range of lighting services across Jacksonville’s esteemed suburbs. From Orange Park to Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Neptune Beach, Gemstone Lights offers Permanent Christmas Lights, Permanent Outdoor Lighting, Permanent Holiday Lighting, Year-round Outdoor Lighting, and LED Lighting solutions tailored to each unique neighborhood.

Residents in Ponte Vedra, Fernandina Beach, St. Augustine, and Middleburg benefit from our state-of-the-art, energy-efficient lighting systems. Our services extend to Green Cove Springs and Yulee, where we enhance homes with elegant and functional lighting that brings out the best in each property.

Further enriching the communities of Orange Park, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Ponte Vedra, Fernandina Beach, St. Augustine, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, and Yulee, Gemstone Lights ensures every home is brilliantly illuminated. Experience the transformative effect of our lighting in these top-tier neighborhoods, where style meets sustainability, making every residence a beacon of light and luxury.

Choose Gemstone Lights for unparalleled lighting solutions in Jacksonville’s premier suburbs, where your home’s charm and security are illuminated throughout the year.

Answering Jacksonville's Queries: Gemstone Lights's FAQs

Find answers to the most pressing questions Jacksonville residents have about Gemstone Lights. This section is designed to provide clarity, offer insights, and help you make informed decisions about enhancing your property with our state-of-the-art lighting solutions.

How much do permanent outdoor lights cost?

The cost of outdoor permanent lights is determined by how many linear feet you need, the cost of labor, and your location’s market prices. Everyone's needs are unique, so the best way to get the cost of permanent outdoor lights is to get a personalized quote from one of Gemstone's Authorized Dealers in your area.

Is permanent light worth it?

Permanent lights are worth it, making all of your lighting needs so much easier, from lighting up a trail or walkway to adding festive permanent holiday lighting to your house or business. Gemstone lights are professionally installed with a cloud-based hub that is controlled through the mobile app. They are completely hassle-free and can actually save you money in the long run with energy-efficient LED technology.

Permanent outdoor lights near me

There are a wide range of permanent outdoor light installers in the Jacksonville area. Gemstone has several Authorized Dealers near Jacksonville, with a collective total of 1,275 lighting projects finished. You’re guaranteed to find an experienced installer that meets your needs, whether that’s financing, commercial lighting, or landscape lighting.

Are permanent outdoor lights expensive?

Permanent outdoor lights do have a higher upfront cost than temporary decorative lights. Although, permanent outdoor lights can save you money over time. Gemstone lights use energy-efficient LED technology and are extremely durable, lasting nearly twice as long as traditional decorative lights. Plus, Gemstone lights come with a 5-year warranty, so you won’t need to worry about replacement costs if something happens to your lights.

How long do permanent lights last?

Gemstone’s lights last up to 50,000 hours before needing to be replaced. That adds up to over 40 years of lighting if you keep your lights on 3 hours per night. Gemstone lights can last this long due to LED lighting technology, which is more efficient than your standard light bulbs.

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