Connect to WiFi

Prior to beginning: Ensure you’re near the Gemstone Lights Control Box and have your Home WiFi password ready.

  1. From Home, tap + > Add a Device.
  2. You have multiple options to connect.
    • Connect with Bluetooth (Scans for Gemstone Lights Hub 2 Controllers in your vicinity)
    • Connect with QR scan (Requires you to Scan the QR code on the controller or provided sticker)
  3. The app will automatically fill in the WiFi network your phone is connected to.
  4. Enter your WiFi password, tap Connect.
  5. Your device will go through a connecting process. (This step is where most issues are encountered. Refer to the error message to identify the cause of your problem)
  6. A Device Successfully Connected message will appear, tap Setup Now.
  7. Enter a name, tap Next.
  8. Enter a location name or tap the auto locate button, tap Save.
  9. Tap Continue.
  10. Create a device icon, tap Next.
  11. Success! Tap Done.
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