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Illuminate Your Outdoor Space with Permanent Outdoor Lights

Adding more lighting to your yard or other outdoor space can create a safer environment when it’s dark out. With more lighting, your outdoor space can also be used more often. Outdoor lights can highlight certain features in your yard or outdoor space as well. Permanent outdoor lights provide an ideal solution for adding more lighting to these areas. These are lights designed for outdoor use that are installed once and left up permanently.

What kinds of advantages do permanent outdoor lights provide? These lights offer significant convenience, since they don’t need to be taken down and put up again multiple times. Some also have various patterns and colors available, so you can change the way they look anytime you want. This can create different kinds of lighting effects in your outdoor space. Permanent outdoor lights are also versatile thanks to different types that are available.

Types of Permanent Outdoor Lights from Gemstone Lights

Gemstone Lights offers a few different kinds of permanent outdoor lights to choose from. Whether you’re exploring lighting options as a homeowner or business owner, Gemstone Lights offers the ideal solution.

Track Lights – Residential

Track lights are strips of lights that can be installed on outdoor parts of your home, such as along the fascia and soffit. Gemstone Lights offers residential track lights that can be customized to fit exterior areas of your home. These low-profile track lights won’t be visible during the day, but they’ll be able to brighten up your home when it’s dark out. Different colors, animations, and colors are available with these residential track lights for outdoor spaces.

Track Lights – Commercial

Gemstone Lights offers commercial track lights for businesses. These lights can be customized to complement your brand’s logo in order to attract customers. You can also customize these lights to tie into sales offers, holidays, or special events. Commercial track lights from Gemstone Lights can be custom-fitted for easy installation on your commercial outdoor space. These lights also provide convenient controls, so you can make adjustments from your device.

Flood Lights

Flood lights from Gemstone Lights provide a great way to illuminate outdoor spaces to highlight features and enhance safety. Gemstone Lights offers flood lights in millions of colors, including warm white LEDs. These lights are also dimmable and have sunset and sunrise automation features available.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Permanent Outdoor Lights

When you look into getting permanent outdoor lights for your home or business, it’s important to consider certain factors. These can help you determine which type of lights to get for your outdoor space.


How bright do you want your lighting to be? This partly depends on where you’re having it installed and what you’re using it for. You might choose brighter lighting for outdoor spaces that you use at night. When you want outdoor lighting that highlights certain areas or features, you might choose dimmer or softer lighting for the right visual effects.

Color Temperature

Outdoor lights come in different color temperatures, which affect the kind of colors and tones you get. For example, lights at lower temperatures might produce warmer lighting for a cozy ambience. Lights at higher temperatures might produce cool, crisp tones that are more suitable for safety and security. Gemstone Lights lighting systems have a color temperature range of 2800K warm white to 7000k daylight.

Energy Efficiency

Permanent outdoor lights can use up a significant amount of energy, depending on what type of bulb you get and how much you use them. LED outdoor lights use less energy than other types of bulbs. Gemstone Lights offers permanent outdoor LED lights, so you can save on energy costs. These lights also have features that improve energy efficiency, such as automatic sunset and sunrise settings that prevent your lights from staying on longer than needed.

Weather Resistance

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing permanent outdoor lights is weather resistance. Your lights should be rated for outdoor use for safety reasons. You should also choose lights that are able to handle rain, wind, sun exposure, and other weather conditions without being damaged. Gemstone Lights are waterproof, rated for outdoor use, and able to withstand UV exposure and other weather conditions.


Permanent outdoor lights give you the convenience of having lighting systems installed all year round, but how much maintenance do they need? Getting a permanent lighting system that requires a lot of maintenance reduces the convenience of having these lights installed. Gemstone Lights lighting systems do not require you to perform maintenance. If you run into any problems with your lighting system, you can reach out to your authorized dealer for help.

Installation of Permanent Outdoor Lights

When you decide to get permanent outdoor lights, making sure they’re correctly and safely installed is essential. Otherwise, you can end up with a lighting system that’s unsafe to use or unable to work properly.

Professional Installation by a Gemstone Lights Authorized Dealer

At Gemstone Lights, we understand just how important the installation process is for permanent outdoor lights. That’s why we do not offer a DIY installation option for our lighting systems. We have authorized dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada who have the experience and training needed for properly installing these outdoor lighting systems. When you buy a Gemstone Lights lighting system, one of our authorized dealers will handle the installation process at your home or business.

Tips for Safe and Effective Installation

Letting our authorized dealer install your Gemstone Lights lighting system is the best way to ensure that it’s installed safely and effectively. Our dealers can customize your residential or commercial track lighting system to fit your home or building. We can even install these lights on buildings and houses that don’t have a soffit and fascia. If you get flood lights, our dealers know how to bury the wires safely to protect them from damage.

Maintenance of Permanent Outdoor Lights

Gemstone Lights are simple to care for once you have them installed. In fact, you don’t have to worry about having any routine maintenance done on your lights. The most you’ll have to deal with is needing to have bulbs replaced. If this happens, our local authorized dealer will handle this maintenance for you.

Replacing Bulbs

Gemstone Lights have a long life expectancy, since we use cutting-edge LED technology. However, it’s possible for a bulb to die out and need to be replaced. We offer a 5-year warranty on our permanent outdoor lights that includes bulb replacement. Our authorized dealer can remove bulbs that no longer work and replace them with a brand new bulb. This helps ensure that your lighting system works as intended.

Examples of Permanent Outdoor Lights

From illuminating your home exterior to creating the right atmosphere for an outdoor event space, permanent outdoor lights have several possible uses. Knowing a bit more about uses for these lighting systems can help you understand how they might benefit your outdoor space.

Best Permanent Outdoor Lights on the Market

Gemstone Lights offers the best permanent outdoor lights available. These lighting systems are designed to use less energy, last for many years, and provide an impressive range of color and animation options. Whether you’re looking for outdoor lights to uplight garden features or a lighting system that draws more attention to your business, Gemstone Lights offers the perfect lighting solution on the market.

Real-Life Applications of Permanent Outdoor Lights

How can you use permanent outdoor lights? Homeowners can use track lights to give their home a festive look for different holidays or to highlight architectural features. They can use permanent flood lights to brighten up dim or dark outdoor areas for safety purposes or uplight trees and other landscaping features. Commercial property owners can use permanent outdoor lights to enhance security, draw attention to their brand, or highlight outdoor features on their building or property.


Having permanent outdoor lights installed can give you greater convenience when you want to brighten up your outdoor space. You can easily control these lights with an app from anywhere instead of using a switch, and you don’t have to worry about taking them down and putting them up again throughout the year. For more information on permanent outdoor lights for your residential or commercial property and to get a free quote, please contact Gemstone Lights today.

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