Gemstone Lights Hub App

The Gemstone Lights Hub has been designed to get you connected quickly to your Gemstone Lights using our cloud technology.

With this Hub, you can now connect and control your lights anywhere by using your LTE connection. If you want to control your lights on your cabin that is 5 hours away? You can now do this!

The Hub now let’s you share your lights with others so they can control your lights as well. Of course, you can control their lights if they give you access too!

We strongly suggest you connect the controller to your home or businesses wifi to take full advantage of the new features such as downloadable files and patterns we’ve already made for you!

Download PDF Version here Wifi Sync Mode
Download PDF Version here Hub Advanced Wifi Sync Mode
Download PDF Version here How to Share a Device
Download PDF Version here Family Member Add
Download PDF Version here How to Create Groups
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If the controller has lost connection to the wifi try the following steps for repair.
  1. Ensure that there is power to the controller. Often times the switch power to the controller gets turned off. Depending on how your soffit switch or outlet is powered you may need to turn a switch back on. The switch can often be located in the front closet or in a hallway.
  2. Restart the power. This can be done by unplugging the main power box or by flipping a switch (where available) that can power off the outlet. Depending upon the size of the install this may not restart the controller. If the job is a large job it may have multiple power sources to power the system. We suggest that in these cases the home owner restart the controller via bluetooth, See the Bluetooth Controller Restart below for instructions.
  3. potentially restarting the router can also repair the lost signal. Unplug the router for 30 seconds and power back on. Once powered we suggest a controller restart as well.
  4. If the controller does not connect after the restarts then it most likely needs to be synced back into the wifi network. Please follow the controller sync tutorials. Wifisync mode and advanced wifi sync mode.
Download PDF Version here Bluetooth Controller Restart 


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