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How to Install Soffit Lighting: Things to Consider

Soffit lights are a great way to add an elegant ambiance to your home, though starting the journey to having them installed can seem overwhelming. You may feel overwhelmed by the cost, time, and effort it takes to install the lights or by a general lack of knowledge regarding where to begin.

Luckily, we’ve had plenty of experience installing soffit lighting on all kinds of properties. Here are some factors to consider to help make this decision-making process easier for you.

How to Install Soffit Lighting

There are so many ways to get soffit lighting installed. You can hire a professional, hang up some string lights, or try to install some permanent soffit lights yourself.

Gemstone Lights Install

DIY Soffit Lighting Installation

Hanging up string lights is a simple option to add sparkle to your home. For this installation, all you really have to do is climb a ladder and clip up some string lights. For maintenance, you will have to plug in and unplug your lights every day and climb back up the ladder ever so often to change the lights or replace a bulb if it goes out. Unfortunately, string lights aren’t a permanent solution and won’t last long in extreme weather.

We don’t recommend installing permanent soffit lighting yourself unless you happen to be a licensed electrician. Hiring a professional to install your permanent soffit lights will keep you and your home safe. Installing permanent soffit lights yourself is invasive to your home and dangerous, especially if you don’t have the proper training.

Getting your lights professionally installed saves you time on installing the lights, maintenance, and ease of mind, knowing that it is done right and safely.

Professional Soffit Installation

Gemstone Lights is a company that has been installing permanent soffit lights for almost 10 years. We are known for great customer service and products that help you upgrade your home. This is the process you can expect when your lights are installed by Gemstone Lights:

  • A team of electricians will work on installing the Gemstone Lights Track System on your home or commercial building. An average installation lasts about five to six hours. However, this length of time can be longer or shorter depending on the linear footage of your home.
  • Your installer will show up at the scheduled time of your installation to talk to you about your home and the time frame for the installation and address any questions or concerns you may have. Once all of your questions have been addressed, your installer will move to installing your Gemstone Lights.
  • Each bulb will be individually wired with a waterproof seal and then installed into the track, allowing each light to be individually customized and easy to replace if needed.
  • At the end of the installation, your installer will help you connect to your lights via wifi or Bluetooth and help you set up our HUB App to control the lights.
  • The Gemstone Lights customer service team will always be available during office hours to help answer any questions and concerns you may have.
  • Each installation comes with a comprehensive five-year warranty that fully covers parts. Each Authorized Dealer operates their labor warranty.

DIY vs. Professional Installation: Head to Head

Every installation will depend on the type of supplies you have and the type of soffit lighting you want. Here are some aspects to consider in the planning step of your journey!

How Do You Want Your Soffit Lighting to Look?


We are sure you don’t want your home to look like a DIY project. We all love soffit lights because of the elegant and beautiful ambiance they create while maintaining your home’s architectural features. Wires sticking out, holes in soffits, or unmatched colored light fixtures will take away beauty from your home. DIYing permanent soffit lighting will take time, patience, and effort to create a cohesive and polished look.

Gemstone Lights

Each installation comes with a customizable and show-stopping glow that seamlessly blends into your home. We use products that are measured to be perfectly color matched to your home, from the track to the screws.

  • The Perfect Track: We have over 12 types of tracks in over 150 different colors. These tracks are made out of industrial-grade aluminum and are built for durability. They can be installed on any soffit type, including wood.

The tracks are manufactured in multiple angles, slopes, and depths to align with your home’s architectural features to keep the lights visible and the track invisible. These various track types allow the Gemstone Lights to be installed seamlessly in your home while blending perfectly with your home’s architectural features and colors.

  • Wiring: The wires of the lighting system are perfectly hidden from the eye. These waterproofed wires run along the inside of the track and are threaded through your downspout or gutter to move between the levels of your home.

In rare cases, if any wires are exposed, your installer will thread the wire through a loom track that will match the outside of your home to camouflage and protect the wire.

What Will Soffit Lighting Cost?


Cost is a major factor in deciding whether to do a soffit light installation. DIY soffit lights are cheaper upfront, but one thing to consider is the time to install them, maintenance, and the bulbs’ energy efficiency and life expectancy. Although DIYing may save you money upfront, it can be the less affordable option in the long run.

Gemstone Lights

The cost of installing Gemstone Lights will depend on your individual needs and your vision for your property. There will be an upfront cost that depends on the linear footage of your home. Some of our Authorized Dealers offer financing and payment options—contact an Authorized Dealer near you for a free quote.

Although they may cost more upfront than DIY options, Gemstone Lights are energy efficient. Each bulb will use a maximum of 1 watt per hour, which means running these lights can cost less than a dollar a night, depending on the cost of electricity in your area. Check out this blog for more information: What’s the Cost of Running Gemstone Lights Track Lighting System?

What Bulb Types & Color Options do You Want?


The type of bulb you choose is one of the most important aspects when installing soffit lights. The type of bulb you choose will affect how you install your lights, how your house looks post-installation, how you wire the soffit lights to your home, and the maintenance costs post-installation. The bulbs’ energy efficiency, color hue options, port connection, and the size of light are all things to consider when planning your installation.

Gemstone Lights

Every installation comes with commercial-grade LED bulbs that emit over 16 million colors. These bulbs are individually wired to allow single-light customization and are easy to replace. These small bulbs are spaced an equal distance apart on a custom track to enhance your home’s glow in the best way possible.

The lights are also ETL-certified, energy efficient, and rated to last over 50,000 hours, equating to a 23-year life expectancy with regular use!

Are Your Soffit Lights Weatherproof?


It is important to consider the type of bulb and protective covering on the wires to know that your lights will be able to withstand the weather in your area. Many bulbs tend to overheat and burn out quickly in hot temperatures or stop working overall in cold temperatures. These extreme temperatures and wet weather can affect the wiring and how well the lights work.

Gemstone Lights

The Gemstone Lights track and bulbs are completely weatherproof. They are waterproof and will work in extreme cold and hot temperatures. We developed Gemstone Lights in Calgary, Alberta—which means we know a thing or two about harsh weather conditions!

How Will You Control Your Lights?

Gemstone Lights App iOS


Your lights will either be wired to your home or plugged into an electrical outlet. Most bulbs will be controlled via a switch within your home, a button, or plugging your lights in and unplugging them every night.

The technological ability of the bulb and your skill level are important to consider when planning how you will be able to control your lights.

Gemstone Lights

A control box will be installed with your Gemstone Lights tracks and bulbs. The control box is the powerhouse and the brain of your Gemstone Lights.

The control box will be installed in the most discreet place possible while being installed close to a power source. The control box only needs to be connected to an electrical outlet, so you can have it installed on the side of your home or in the attic of your garage.

This control box gives you the ability to connect to your lights through the Gemstone Lights Hub APP via wifi or Bluetooth. The HUB App is a cloud-based app that can connect to your lights anywhere in the world.


Question: Can I buy Gemstone Lights and install them myself?

Answer: Gemstone Lights are not available to purchase without installation for the general public. Gemstone Lights Track System is a specialized product. Our product has a high standard to blend into your home’s architectural features while still having the lights shine. To maintain this standard for all installations, Gemstone Lights has trained employees or contractors from Authorized Dealers to install the lights.

Question: Can Soffit Lighting be Installed on any surface?

Answer: If you get your soffit lights installed professionally, the recessed soffit lights will be installed between the soffit and the fascia. Some DIY projects will involve cutting into your soffit to make space for the soffit light and for threading the wires.

Question: Can soffit lighting be installed on a single switch?

Answer: If you DIY your soffit lights, you can wire your lights to a specific switch in your home. If you have them professionally installed, this type of wiring isn’t necessary, and your lights will be fully controlled through the app.

Question: Is it cheaper to DIY or Get Gemstone Lights?

Answer: Upfront, DIY soffit lights are cheaper. Over time, professional lights like Gemstone Lights are the best investment. Professional installation is cheaper over time because it is low maintenance, uses bulbs rated to last about 23 years, comes with a bumper-to-bumper warranty, and has great energy efficiency.

Choose Professional Installation for Quality, Sustainability, and Peace of Mind

All in all, you can always install soffit lights yourself. However, we think the quality, eco-friendliness, weatherproofing, and ease of mind knowing that you will have a long-lasting investment in your home make a professional installation the best option over installing soffit lighting yourself.

Contact your local authorized Gemstone Lights dealer to request a FREE QUOTE today!

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