How many colours can you make with Gemstone Lights?

People often ask, “how many colors can your lights do?”

Great question.


This is a big reason why people love Gemstone Lights because they get the flexibility to dream up colors and patterns. Other systems only stick to a majority of the rainbow colors.

That’s too boring…

Custom IOS & Android App

The custom iOS and Android app we created, literally can create millions of light options using the custom track wheel.


Millions of Colors?

How many colors are there in the world? Technically, they say it’s infinite.

But if we get technical, there are lots of tones for each main type of color. The best answer is you can get access to 10,000,000 colors.

That’s more than enough!

How to create colors

Using the above image, we will show you the static section which shows our color track wheel.

  1. Click Static
  2. Tap the color wheel
  3. Move your finger around to where you like the color of choice
  4. Notice the top left color. That’s the color it’s currently showing
  5. Once you have your color chosen, you don’t need to do anything else. It will be live!

That’s it!

The next line under the wheel is the dim tool. That lets you tone down any color to any level. Perhaps you want a very soft red color. That’s where you would create the soft tone.

Comment below which are your favorite colors!

Watch a demo of how the app works.

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