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How Are Gemstone Lights Track Lights Installed?

Are you curious to learn how Gemstone Permanent LED Lighting Tracks are installed?

Gemstone Lights looks beautiful – during the day they’re low profile and barely noticeable – come nightfall they’re hard to miss, in the best way! Our permanent LED lighting tracks are known for transforming homes into the prettiest on the block. But, have you ever wondered how we make it happen?

In this blog we’ll be answering some of our most frequently asked questions we receive from potential customers about the install process.

architectural lights on a home with a flat roofline, at night

1. Is The Track Color-Matched?

Yes, we use the exact same materials that are used to build your soffits and gutters. We color match it, bend it, punch it and assemble our Gemstone Lights into the track. The track then sits comfortably up under the soffit nearly perfectly camouflaged and hidden until the lights are turned on.

2. How Long Does Installation Take?

Installation time will depend on the size of the house or business, however, most homes are done within a day. During the months of Oct-Dec, with high demand, it can take longer to install due to elements or supply. We strive to install soon after a deposit is made.

3. Will My Gutters Be In The Way?

No need to worry about your gutters! The Gemstone Lights Track System does not connect into the rain gutters. Our track is a stand alone from the gutters.  We snap the custom aluminum track into the soffit and fascia which is always below the gutters.

Watch the 3D rendering we’ve created below, as a visual representation of how our lighting tracks are installed.

4. How Is The Track Installed?

The track is color-matched to the soffit or fascia on your home. It is fastened permanently to the soffit by sliding the one side of the track under the L-trim of the fascia and inserting a color-matched screw into the other side.

If the home has deep fascia that is proud of the soffit by more than 2 inches, we use what’s called a backtrack where the track is mounted on the backside of the deep fascia so that the lights are flush with the bottom of the fascia. In both cases and because of the location where the track is installed, the lights are protected from any wind, rain, and hail. No more ugly dangling wires. No more having to replace strands that get blown off by the wind or damaged by the hail.

Here’s a visual representation of what our installation process looks like:


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