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Gemstone Lights for Special Occasions: Wedding and Party Decor Ideas

When homeowners and business owners are looking for permanent LED lighting, Gemstone Lights has the ideal solution. These LED lights, which are available in many colors and patterns, can brighten up exteriors and yards, enhance indoor lighting, and much more. Since these lights use less energy and can easily be controlled with an app, many residential and commercial property owners have had them installed.

Gemstone Lights offers different kinds of LED lighting systems, including flood lights, track lights, and Opal Bulbs. Flood lights offer a great way to highlight certain exterior features, while track lights provide a way to enhance entire exteriors or particular areas with colorful displays. Opal Bulbs offer a convenient way to achieve a certain mood or ambience in homes and other settings. All of these lighting systems can also be used as event lights for weddings and parties.

Wedding Decor Ideas

Gemstone Lights can add the perfect lighting to make weddings even more memorable and beautiful. The following are a few ideas to consider when using Gemstone Lights as wedding lighting.

Track Lights

Track lights from Gemstone Lights can be installed around the entire building venue to create a romantic backdrop. These custom-made light tracks are easily installed along the edges of buildings. Warm white LED track lighting is available to add elegance to weddings. The app makes it easy to change the lights throughout the evening to match the wedding’s color scheme. This option provides a great way to personalize track lighting for each wedding.

Flood Lights

The Head Table at weddings tends to be the focus of attention, since this is where the bride, groom, and wedding party sit. Gemstone Lights Flood Lights can be used to illuminate the backdrop of the Head Table. Using these lights for this purpose helps draw attention to the bride and groom during dinner and the wedding party as the Best Man and Maid of Honor give their speeches.

Opal Bulb

Opal Bulbs are light bulbs that are installed in lighting fixtures to create the right atmosphere or ambience. These bulbs are available in over 16 million colors, as well as different backgrounds. Gemstone Lights Opal Bulbs can be used as accent lighting in each table’s centerpiece. The bulb colors can be set up to match the wedding’s color scheme. Using Opal Bulbs as part of each centerpiece provides all tables with added illumination, while also creating an intimate ambience that’s fitting for a wedding.

Party Decor Ideas

Gemstone Lights can provide the right lighting to liven up anniversary parties, graduation parties, and other special occasions. Different kinds of Gemstone Lights can be used in various ways to enhance party venues and create a festive atmosphere for guests to enjoy. A few ideas for using these permanent LED lights as party decor include the following.

Track Lights

Using Gemstone Lights Track Lights as ambient lighting for parties can help set the mood. These lights can be placed along the edges of buildings or rooms in party venues to provide the right amount of lighting. Gemstone Lights Track Lighting systems can be customized to fit any area, making them a versatile choice for parties. With the touch of a button, they can be changed to different color schemes and patterns. From softer lighting with subtle patterns to bold colors and patterns, Gemstone Lights makes it easy to create the ideal ambience for each party.

Flood Lights

Some parties feature add-ons, such as photo booths where guests can have pictures taken as keepsakes. Flood lights from Gemstone Lights can provide a festive or visually striking backdrop to these photo booths. For example, red and green flood lights can be used for Christmas parties or school colors can be used for graduation parties. These flood lights are available in millions of colors, which can also give guests many backdrop color options to choose from for more customized photos.

Opal Bulb

The Opal Bulb from Gemstone Lights offers a fun way to add a colorful touch to each table. These smart LED bulbs can be incorporated in table settings and programmed to display one or more colors or backgrounds. Opal Bulbs can slowly change from one color to the next at each table, or every table can feature a different color to create an eye-catching visual effect overall. These bulbs also make great party favors for guests to take home. The Opal Bulb can be used in regular lighting fixtures, such as lamps. As smart LED bulbs, they can be conveniently controlled via the Gemstone Lights app or used with home systems, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

How to Use Gemstone Lights Safely

Gemstone Lights are designed to be easily installed in a wide range of settings. Track lighting systems can be customized to fit irregular soffit and fascia along building edges. They can also be installed on buildings that do not have a soffit or fascia. Flood lights are installed carefully to ensure that wires are protected from damage, which includes burying them. Opal Bulbs can be installed in nearly any light bulb socket. Opal Bulbs can be placed in multiple light sockets and lamps to create stunning effects.

Authorized dealers are available in locations across the U.S. and Canada to install Gemstone Lights track lighting systems and flood lights safely. The amount of time this takes varies depending on the size of the building and other factors. Building owners or homeowners can install Opal Bulbs in lamps and light sockets.

Gemstone Lights are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and UV rays, which helps reduce the risk of damage or wear and tear. Since these lights have individual connections, they can easily be replaced as needed. Gemstone Lights lighting systems come with a 5-year warranty, so customers can submit a service request if any lights go out and need to be replaced. Customers should avoid attempting to change lights or do any other repairs on their own. All Gemstone Lights are UL or ETL certified, making them safe to use.

From ambient track lighting at parties to Opal Bulb accent lighting at weddings, Gemstone Lights offers many options to brighten up special occasions. A simple installation process, smart features, and versatile use make these LED lights a good investment for wedding and party venues. Homeowners can also keep these ideas in mind when hosting parties or other special occasions in their yard or home. For more inspiration and to purchase your event lights, please visit www.gemstonelights.com.

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