Frequently Asked Questions

What type of light does Gemstone Lights use?

We use LED RGB or RGBW lights. R= Red, G= Green, B= Blue, W= White. Our lights are custom designed to fit our lighting system with our controllers using proprietary technology. We are the only ones who sell our lights anywhere.

Do you color match the track?

Yes, we use the exact same materials that are used to build your soffits and gutters. We color match it, bend it, punch it and assemble our Gemstone Lights into the track. The track then sits comfortably up under the soffit nearly perfectly camouflaged and hidden until the lights are turned on.

How energy efficient are the lights?

Because they are LED lights they are very efficient. Our lights draw anywhere from 0.17 watts to 0.72 watts per light (depending on what colors you use. All colors have different wattages). This all depends on how much power and intensity you as the user decide to draw. More power means brighter lights. Of course with our own proprietary controller, you can make them brilliantly bright or dim them for beautiful ambient lighting.

Not only are our lights efficient but they are very safe. Our lights are a plug and play system that converts your 110v house power to safe 12v power. Our system is also one of the very few systems that have been approved by the Canadian standards association to be sold and installed here in Canada and North America.

What is the power consumption of the lights?

  • Warm white alone = 0.17 Watts/light
  • Solid 100% Red = 0.2 Watts/light
  • Solid 100% Green = 0.2 Watts/light
  • Solid 100% Blue = 0.2 Watts/light
  • RGB White 100% = 0.6 Watts/light
  • RGBW White 100% 0.72 Watts/light

How long will the lights last?

Our lights have an estimated 50,000 hours on them. For example, if you use your lights full power 6 hours every day, they should last roughly 20+ years.

What happens when a light goes out?

Each light is individually connected and controlled. If a light burns out it can be easily replaced. Either you or one of our trained installers removes a couple of screws by the light, bends the track down slightly, snaps the light out, undo the connections, snap a new light in and redo the connections. Changing a light out is extremely simple. The individually connected bulbs make this possible. This feature alone ultimately protects your upfront investment. Instead of large and costly replacements of full sections (like you typically find with many LED strip lights), the issue can be isolated very easily and the bulb can be changed very quickly.

Where are Gemstone Lights made?

We are very proud to say that we build or system in Calgary, Canada. Certain parts come from overseas in China such as the LEDs themselves, the rest is built and assembled here in the head office- Calgary.

How many colors can you make with Gemstone Lights?

This we are not fully sure of. Because we have added a 4th led light that is yellowish color, we have opened a whole new series of colors. It would take a very good mathematician to tell us exactly how many colors and patterns we could make but it is in the millions!

How is the track installed?

The track is color matched to the soffit or fascia. It is fastened permanently to the soffit by sliding the one side of the track under the L-trim of the fascia and inserting a color matched screw in the other side. If the home has deep fascia that is proud of the soffit by more than 2 inches, we use what’s called a backtrack where the track is mounted on the back side of the deep fascia so that the lights are flush with the bottom of the fascia. In both cases and because of the location where the track is installed, the lights are protected from any wind, rain, and hail. No more ugly dangling wires. No more having to replace strands that get blown off by the wind or damaged by the hail.

Gemstone Lights Installed

What does a good install look like?

Every Gemstone Lights install will have a color matched track (matching the soffit or fascia color) which has the correct depth to create a flush look to the edge of the fascia. Tracks are designed to point the lights downward which gives the best ambience affect. Each track that is installed will overlap the previous track to create a nice flow that blends in with the home/ buisness. 

Most installed tracks will most likely have corners or bends depending on the house or business shape. All corners will have tight clean installs that will continue the flow of the track which in turn displays the lights in a nice symetrical flow.

How do you transition from a sloped soffit to a flat?

Every Gemstone Lights Install has different types of slopes depending on many factors with the trim. Using our custom track system, we can fit to any flat or sloped soffit surface. The important part to note in the example showns, the corners need to be tight and sharp along with the proper angles and depth of the flat and sloped sections.

Gemstone Lights Sloped Soffit

Can you install with a wood fascia or soffit on my home?

Yes, we install on both wood and aluminum trim. We’ll determine which types of track best suits your home to give it the best appeal.

How long does the installation take?

This depends on the size of the house, however, most homes are done within a day. During the months of Oct- Dec, with high demand, it can take days or weeks depending on demand.

How many colors of tracks are there?

We choose from hundreds of colors to ensure that the track matches just right.

Are your lights CSA & ETL approved?

Yes! We are ETL certified in the USA and Canada. Most low voltage lighting companies are under the impression that they do not need proper CSA approvals for lighting if it is low voltage. This is incorrect and as a consumer, you should make sure that the product you are purchasing is indeed approved. You will see our ETL stamp of approval on our products.

We are happy to announce that our lights have been tested and approved for sale here in Canada and North America.

Do you have white?

Our proprietary LED lighting system and app allow you the ability to create 3 different whites (cool white, bright white, warm white) through the RGB LEDs. There are limitations to the RGB white namely creating a natural looking warm or incandescent white. To solve this problem we did something no other company in the industry has done, we added a 4th stand-alone led designed for a 2700k Warm white. Now you get the perfect warm white all the time.

How does your system stand up to the elements in our area?

The system is built to last. Each light and connection have an IP 65 Waterproof rating.

Each light can operate in -40 degrees Celsius to plus 80 degrees Celsius. All connections and wires are UV rated and will be able to last if ever exposed to long periods of sunlight. The track is made out of a powder coated aluminum which is durable and extremely unlikely to rust or degrade.

How long have you been in Business?

Gemstone Lights has been fully operational since 2016

What is your warranty?

Each Authorized Gemstone Lights Dealer is expected to provide customers with a 5-year product warranty

How big is the control box and how does it get mounted?

The control box is a 10 x 10 PVC weatherproof box that is typically mounted on the outside of the house and plugged into an electrical outlet. No direct electrical tie in is required. The exact location will be determined by considering these three criteria:

  • Relatively close proximity to the first light
  • Relatively close proximity to an electrical outlet
  • Within a range of getting a strong WiFi signal from the main modem/ router

Is there a remote? How is the system controlled?

Gemstone Lights allows you the ability to customize and create your own colors and patterns using an iOS and Android app. This would not be possible with just a simple remote. Our Smart LED lighting system is controlled by our app which is compatible with most smartphones and tablets. Using the app, you can control your lights on our Hub Controller system anywhere using our cloud technology. This means, you can be at work and turn on your lights at home remotely!

Can this be installed on my business if there is no soffit or fascia?

Yes, we have multiple types of track that can fit most scenarios. If your business has an aluminum parapet cap, we simply use a slightly adjusted version of the backtrack and mount directly against the face of the cap while sliding the bottom edge of the track under the outside angle of the cap. We can also do a face mounted version of the backtrack that can be used on any desired flat surface such as a wall or fence.

Can you do a chasing pattern?

Yes, your system comes pre-built with colors and patterns that have different animations. You also have the ability to create your own colors and patterns using these same animations for any occasion, event or holiday.

How much does this cost?

A typical 2000sq ft two story house can be anywhere between $2-$3k. It really depends on how much track your home requires. The best thing for us to do is swing by, measure it up and provide you with a free no obligation quote.

Do you offer a DIY option?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not. Our system takes specialized knowlege to correctly install.

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