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Learn about Exterior Architectural Lights

You can have the greatest-looking house on the block, with exterior architectural lights controlled by your smart device. If you’re looking for a way to make your house stand out, architectural outdoor lighting is one of the best choices. Not only does it provide additional safety through extra illumination, but it can make your home stand out, and highlight all the beautiful features of your property. With Gemstone Lights, it’s easier and more convenient than ever to have the quality lighting options you’re looking for.

Set a Mood for Your Property Using Architectural Lighting

Setting the mood for your property is easy when you have the right exterior architectural outdoor lighting. But it’s more than just the look, it’s the feeling you get when you see your house from the street or spend time out in the yard. Whether you want something warm and cozy, or bright and inviting, the architectural and garden lighting around your house can help convey a specific mood to you and your guests.

Beautiful home, lit up with Gemstone Architectural Lights, at night

Highlight the High Points of Your House

Your home has plenty of high points. Whether those are actual high points, like roof peaks, or other types of high points, such as areas you really want to show off, the right architectural accent lighting can help you accentuate the positive. Every house has something to be proud of, or an area where you’re cultivating a particular kind of look. You want your family to feel good there, but you also want visiting friends and neighbors to appreciate your home, too. Gemstone Lights can highlight important features of your home.

Permanent Architectural Lighting Means Added Convenience

If you love exterior architecture lights, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time setting them up, you’ll appreciate the ease and convenience that comes with Gemstone Lights. You can get a free quote, choose the lighting options that fit your needs, and have them installed. Then all you have to do is use and enjoy them, whenever you want. With a permanent, customizable option, you’ll enjoy your lights for years and years, all without needing to worry about installation, maintenance, or issues.

Pick the Colors and Times That Work for You

You can set your Gemstone Lights to the colors you like, change the colors whenever you want to, and have your lights come on and go off on your schedule. If you feel like making a change, you can adjust your lighting with the tap of a button. And, it’s comforting to know that you can set your exterior lighting to come on before you get home for the evening or when you’re away. Having a well-lit home isn’t just beautiful, but it also adds to the safety of your space when it’s dark outside, as well.

A light using red architectural lighting to highlight their home

Make Holiday Lighting Easier Than Ever

If you want to do something for the holidays, you don’t have to struggle with putting up lights. Instead, just adjust the color of your Gemstone Lights to fit the holiday season. You can go with a red and green theme for Christmas, choose something soft and pastel for Easter, or select from a number of other colors for different holidays and celebrations. No matter the occasion, there’s a color that fits. Since it’s so easy to change the color of your lights, it’s one less thing you have to worry about for any festivities.

Control Your Exterior Architectural Lighting With an App

Exterior architectural lighting doesn’t need to be a hassle. With Gemstone Lights you can control everything from an app on your smartphone. Adjust the light output to create a cozy environment, change the color of your lighting to match the season, and even set timers so that your outdoor spaces come to life without you needing to do anything! Whether you want to highlight your home or your garden there are options that fit your requirements and make it easy for you to enjoy your outdoor time.

husband and wife using the Gemstone Lights app

Dimmable Lights

Gemstone architectural outdoor lighting is BRIGHT. However, if you’re after a more muted, relaxing vibe you can easily dim the light output from within our app. Simply drag the toggle between 0% and 100% to create the perfect ambient lighting for your home.

Set Multiple Timers

If you want your outdoor architectural lighting to turn on automatically, you can set multiple timers within the Gemstone Lights App. Repeat yearly for birthdays or change every hour of the day, you are in control of what colors and patterns turn on and off.

Fully Customizable Colors and Patterns

The color options available for Gemstone Lights outdoor lighting are literally endless. Select the perfect shade to represent your style – from warm white to festive colours, you can switch it up to match any season, sporting event, family celebration and more! (Including Christmas).

Exterior Architectural Lighting Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

Ready to see what Gemstone Lights can offer? You can get a free quote quickly and easily, so you can get started on your architectural lighting journey. Your home is your sanctuary, and you want it to look and feel as comfortable as possible. That increases the enjoyment you have in your space, and also helps keep your property value strong and your neighborhood looking great. With the right architectural lighting options, your house will look and feel even more like home.

A family home, with Gemstone Architectural Lights turned on, at night

Contact Gemstone Lighting Today

By using exterior lighting to strategically brighten your outdoor spaces, you can create a wonderful environment for you and your family and friends. At Gemstone Lights, we believe outdoor lighting design is a mix of technique, technology and craft, and we have years of experience helping people illuminate the exterior of their homes. Listed below are some of the amazing features we offer at Gemstone Lights:

  • Warm light LED
  • Gemstone Lights custom app
  • Bumper to bumper warranty
  • Architectural lighting
  • Dimmable lights
  • Sunset and sunrise settings
  • Set multiple timers
  • Fully customizable colours
  • Individual waterproof connections
  • Cloud-enabled

At Gemstone Lights, our technology, experience and personal touch will go a long way to make the exterior of your home a place where you want to spend time. Our lighting professionals can work with you to capture the true beauty of your exterior. We’ve installed over two million lighting setups and operate all over the United States and Canada. Find a location near you.

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