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Ben and Brooke Barrick are the dynamic duo heading up the ownership role of your local, family-operated Blingle! of Bloomfield. A deeply rooted passion for the Bloomfield area and operational excellence runs in the family. Ben brings an impressive leadership skillset built from an extensive background in corporate technology. Brooke adds a heightened level of artistic understanding to your upscale lighting arrangements thanks to her work as an instructional designer on a world-renowned training team. Ben had always been inspired by his dad’s stint in business ownership, having witnessed first-hand the hard work and satisfaction that comes with owning a business. Ben and Brooke channelled this inspiration into creating your local Blingle!, set on serving professional-level lighting solutions with world-renowned quality, provided with the hometown attentiveness that comes with a local business. When the couple isn’t leading the coordination of lighting projects around the community, you’ll find them enjoying time in the great outdoors with their two dogs—Sunnie and Mac. Feel free to reach out to your friendly Blingle! owners with any questions about an upcoming home renovation or party you have lined up. We’d be thrilled to assist you craft unforgettable memories.

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