Permanent Track Lighting for Your Business!

Gemstone Lights commercial track lights will bring your brand to life and enhance your brand recognition… all from the convenience of a smart device.

Increase visibility for your brand and stand out from your competition

Permanent Track Lights are a great way to create an eye-catching display for your brand. The versatility of Gemstone Lights make them perfect for both indoor and outdoor locations that need extra illumination when it gets dark out – all without breaking the bank!

Multi-property management

What are the benefits of the Gemstone Lights System for a business?

Our custom-made light tracks, paired with our proprietary controller and LED lights, give business owners complete control over their brand voice.

  • Create patterns that compliment your logo,
  • Use animations and colors that coincide with sales offers,
  • Address each light separately to create security lighting,
  • Become known as the most festive business in the community using pre-made downloadable holiday patterns.

Gemstone Lights Commercial Tracks

Constructed from industrial grade aluminum, our tracks are incredibly durable and resistant to degradation over time. With over 150 color options available, we can customize our track profile to match the style and aesthetic of all types of buildings and unique structures.

Here are some examples of the most frequently seen rooflines on commercial buildings, and how Gemstone Lights look once they’re installed.

Commercial Track

Our Commercial Track is designed to be used in side-mount applications. Commercial buildings often do not have a roof overhang, so this track was engineered to have the lights shine at a 20° angle. This makes the lights more visible and buildings more noticeable from afar.

U-Channel Track

U-channel is a great option for unique applications. This track is extremely low profile, making it perfect for tight spaces or indoor lighting. The primary bracket can be mounted in a variety of different ways making it possible to have Gemstone Lights in virtually any place you choose.

U-channel track on a commercial building

Hat Track

Hat Track is fastened permanently to the soffit by sliding one side of the track under the L-trim of the fascia and inserting a color-matched screw into the other side or screwing the track in on both sides where L-trim isn’t used.
Commercial Building with Hat Track

Manage your track lights
on your smart device

The Gemstone HUB app is free to use and allows you to control your lights using the cloud! 

Create & Customize Your Own Color Options
The Gemstone HUB app allows you access to over 16 million ready-made colors! Or, create your own with our custom color mixing feature. Adjust power associated with each of the 4 diodes (RGBW) to create a color just for you!
We’ve created pattern for all of life’s celebrations. Simply download from Gemstone HUB app and select your favourite for every occasion. Or, create your own patterns to match your brand colors!
Create Timers
Set timers for all holidays and special occasions throughout the year. Bring your business campaigns to lights!
Individually addressable lights
Individually addressable lights to highlight entrances, exists or create beautiful architectural patterns
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Commercial Track Light Reviews


We have a variety of different profiles of track to choose from that will allow our lights to highlight the unique features of your building.

Wall wash will vary depending on the type of track installed on your building. Your Authorized Dealer will be able to give you an accurate idea during the quoting process. 

Yes, the Gemstone Hub App was created with controlling multiple properties in mind. Group your properties together or control them individually with a simple tap of a button.

Yes, you can control your lights via the cloud anywhere as long as you have a wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Yes, the Gemstone Hub App has a fully functioning roles system. Allowing you to restrict and grant permissions to members as you see fit. 

Yes, the Gemstone hub app allows you to set weekly and or yearly timers allowing you to set timers for your property and allow the lights to do the work.

Typically the control box is located in relatively close proximity to a power outlet, the first light and a decent wifi signal.

The system uses an industry-leading 2.4-5Ghz Wi-Fi chip allowing the controller to make a safe and reliable connection to your network and speak with our servers remotely.

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