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Everything you need to know about Commercial Lighting

Why choose Gemstone Lights for your business?

As a business owner, you have an opportunity to grab consumers’ attention by accenting your building with attractive commercial lighting. However, you need to choose the right kind of illumination for your commercial setting. You need weather-resistant lights that maintain their luminosity season after season. Ideally, they’ll allow you vast functionality with minimal effort and even less maintenance.

Gemstone Lights are commercial-grade, customizable, smart LED lights designed for year-round use. And, with Bluetooth capability, you can change your business lighting display whenever you want with the push of a button, from literally anywhere in the world.

Read on to find out more about how to choose the best outdoor commercial lighting solution for your business:

  • How to Choose the Right Lights for Your Business?
  • Things to Consider (styles, colours, energy-saving, cost)
  • What are the Benefits?
  • Installation Process & Requirements

Building lit up at night in all white lights by Gemstone

How to choose the right commercial lighting fixtures for your business

Ultimately, your industry, business, and location will determine the type of lights that are good for your commercial setting. Consider the following factors when sourcing exterior lighting for your building:

Size of your signage

The most important aspect of your business to illuminate is the name of your company. Depending on whether you are a restaurant, retail business, or corporation, the location, size, and type of commercial outdoor lighting will vary. For example, a seafood restaurant that does business at night might want a large LED light with a coloured tint highlighting the name or logo. A corporate office, on the other hand, might want ground recessed up-lighting to illuminate the company’s front signage.

Lighting needs

Again, your business will determine your lighting needs. While an office building may only need outdoor lighting for security and safety, a retail business may require multiple LED lighting solutions across its premises. For example, a big box store will need backlighting for signage as well as parking lot and exit/entrance lighting. Alternatively, a smaller store or building may need commercial-grade, coloured track lights that can be changed frequently throughout the year and withstand harsh winters and warm summers.

Your business aesthetic

No matter what your business aesthetic may be, there is a commercial lighting solution to match. Modern? Whimsical? Simple? Every business has its own brand, and your outdoor lighting should be consistent with your company’s image.

Outdoor commercial lighting has the power to draw customers to your door. Whether you’re looking to add holiday spirit to your storefront or illuminate your brand voice on the exterior of your corporate office, Gemstone Lights provides the most attractive and durable lighting solutions on the market.

Things to consider when selecting commercial lighting fixtures

Once you determine your business’ exterior illumination needs, you should also consider the following:

Track lights: commercial vs consumer grade — Commercial lighting is superior to retail lights in every way:

Durability –

Commercial lights are typically made of durable housing that’s designed to withstand years of outdoor abuse.

Design –

Unlike consumer-grade Christmas lighting, commercial lights use a 1-piece design that protects the bulbs and electrical components from water and weather.

Visual Clarity –

Commercial Christmas lights are full wave-rectified which improves their visual clarity substantially.

Lighting styles –

For outdoor lights, many businesses use soffit lighting, up-lighting, or a combination of both. Soffit lighting casts light downwards and is typically recessed into overhangs. Up-lighting is recessed into the ground and provides illumination that splashes upwards, giving scale to structures.

Colours –

You will also need to determine if your business will benefit from coloured commercial outdoor lighting. Nightclubs, restaurants, and entertainment venues can use coloured LED lights to add interest and excitement to entrance and exit ways or outdoor patios. Soft white lighting, on the other hand, is best suited for more mundane businesses, corporations, and retail outlets.

Energy-saving –

Commercial outdoor LED lights provide more than just high-quality illumination — they are energy efficient. That’s right, using LED lights to brighten your storefront or business can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. While LED lights typically cost more upfront, they provide long-term savings that can’t be beaten, especially when you consider their durability and longevity.

Jack Carter Dealership at night lit up in all white lights

What Are the Benefits of commercial lighting?

Commercial outdoor LED lighting is the optimal lighting solution for warehouses, car dealerships, retail outlets, and other businesses. In addition to being energy-efficient and cost-effective, LED lights offer numerous benefits:

  • Contain no harmful gases or chemicals
  • Never flicker
  • Turn on/off instantly without delay
  • Extremely durable
  • Are cool to the touch
  • Require minimal upkeep
  • Can operate at any temperature

Combined with the energy savings, there is simply no reason for businesses to not make the switch from fluorescent to LED lighting.

Installation, Requirements and process

Requirements for install of your commercial lighting fixtures will vary depending on what type of lighting you end up selecting. It’s important to note that, depending on your location, your lighting installation may require permits from the city, or permission from a community association prior to install. We recommend checking with your local by-law authority if you aren’t sure of the regulations in your area.

Regardless of the type of commercial lighting fixtures you select, Gemstone Lights strives to ensure the install process quick, simple and stress-free.

Step 1: Call to get a quote

Your local Gemstone Lights Dealer will be happy to meet with you onsite to quote your lighting needs. The Dealer will answer any questions you have and will be able to recommend best-solutions based on your business needs.

Step 2: Schedule an install

After receiving a quote, you can confirm an install date that works with your schedule. Scheduling times can vary, depending on the season. However, Gemstone Lights strives to service all installs within 2-3 weeks.

Most installs are completed within 1 day. Again, this can very depending on the size of the job and the type of lighting you have selected. If your building is extremely large, install may be broken up over 2 days.

Step 3: Download and learn the app

The Gemstone Lights HUB app allows you to control your lights using the cloud! Users can unlock their creative potential with our proprietary iOS and Android app – download pre-set light patterns, create your own patterns, set timers and so much more. Learn more about our app functionality by watching the short video below!


If ever you run into technical difficulties, have questions or simply want to educate yourself further on how to use the app to its full ability, our Support Team has created fantastic support articles for you to reference.

Commercial exterior LED lighting for the 21st century

Looking for stylish lighting solutions for your business or home? Gemstone Lights has revolutionized the industry by creating functional, smart, recessed lights for nearly any application. Adjust your luminosity by downloading our app and change the way you light up your business. Visit our site for a full list of available products.

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