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Permanent Christmas Lights in USA and Canada

Christmas without Christmas lights is like Easter without eggs.

Lights are synonymous with festivity and they help everyone get into the spirit of the holiday season.

They can make everything and everyone sparkle that little bit brighter.

But it can be hard work to hang lights and then take them down again at the end of the festivity. Besides, you might fancy a different pattern from last year… and next year, a different pattern again.

In previous years, did the neighbors’ Christmas lights stand out more than yours?

This year, make sure that you’re the most festive and creative in the street with our permanent Christmas lights.

They’re smart, long-lasting, app-controlled LED lights for outside your home or business.

Design the patterns and colors you want and put a sparkle in everyone’s eye this Christmas.

Why choose us for your outdoor LED Christmas lights?

The appearance of outdoor lights at special times of year is often the most important consideration for home and business owners.

However, it’s not the only reason to choose Gemstone Lights. There are many other benefits to choosing our permanent holiday lights:


We provide an extensive choice of colors (any color on the RGB spectrum) and patterns for your outdoor LED Christmas lights: whether you use one of the 100+ in-built patterns (including new preset patterns) or create your own, there is something for every taste.


We install permanent, app-controlled outdoor lights for Christmas and other occasions. To change up patterns, simply use our smart, proprietary, cloud-based app. No more climbing on the roof and hanging lights for every occasion!

permanent christmas lights in USA and Canada

Adjust settings from anywhere at any time using any iOS or Android device. It integrates with Alexa and Google Home and you can set multiple timers in advance.


Each light bulb is individually addressable meaning that you can get specific with your Christmas lighting patterns, changing color, animations, brightness, etc.


Our permanent LED lighting system will withstand the harsh elements that many North American homes face, with individual waterproof connections and lights graded for 50,000+ hours of use.


From mesmerizing and fun animations to static patterns that create a festive ambiance perfect for Christmas, the choice is yours.


With our smart outdoor Christmas lights, there is no “hang down” like with most traditional lighting systems and the aluminum track is color-matched to your home to remain hidden from the street view.


Our permanent LED Christmas lights will save money on your monthly electricity bills if you are currently using can lights. They are of lower voltage and more cost-effective so will save money even if you leave them on all the time.


Permanent Christmas light installations use a plug and play system that converts your 110v house power to safe 12v power. It is also one of the very few systems to receive both Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Electrical Testing Labs (ETL) certification for sale and installation in North America.


Last but certainly not least, the “bumper to bumper” warranty that comes with our LED lighting system is second to none.

Looking to install a permanent LED lighting system?

Remember, our external lights are built for


Extremely Durable

Suitable for extreme weather conditions and protected from moisture and degradation.

High Safety Standard

The lights convert your 110v house power to safe 12v power, as well as CSA and ETL certified.

Long Lasting

Premium LED lights graded for 50,000+ hours of use. To back it up, we also offer a full 5-year warranty.

Permanent Solution

Last but not least, no more climbing on the roof and hanging lights for every occasion!

Make your home the most festive on the street

Sparkling reds and greens?

Dazzling whites?

Add a dash of gold?

Maybe a candy cane look?

Make the lights “dance” with animation or keep them static?

Whatever your preference with colors and patterns, Christmas is such a fun time of year.

Outdoor LED Christmas lights in USA and Canada

And making your home the most festive on the street is a fun little competition that many families in the U.S. and Canada like to take part in as we head from November into December.

The permanent outdoor Christmas light system from Gemstone Lights is a winner! You and your children have endless customization options, helping you create the exact look and feel you want this Christmas and the next one after that.

Remember, you don’t have to worry about your lights failing – our premium LED bulbs last for up to 50,000 hours and are weather-proof even for the cold, icy, and wet winters that large parts of North America get.

Even better, you’ll never again have to climb a ladder and clamber on the roof in the cold to hang another set of lights. And, of course, no taking them down in the snow and ice in January, either.

We hang your lights once and they remain – permanently.

How does the installation process work?

On-Site Measurement

A Gemstone Lights installation starts with an on-site measure up of your property

Quote & Schedule

We provide a quotation and, on approval, schedule a convenient time for your installation

Box Installation

The control box is installed: a small PVC weatherproof box is mounted to the side of your property and plugged directly into the outlet

Track Installation

The tracks are installed into the soffit and fascia – more information about that here


The lights are added and you’re ready to switch on! 

We aim for the lowest possible profile for


I love my Gemstone Lights! I love that I can do different colors, different patterns and have them on for certain holidays. They’re so easy to use and I love them when they’re off that you can’t see them hanging down and look tacky.

C. Gerry


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