Pattern Ideas

World’s Largest LED Hockey Stick

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Have you ever seen the world's largest hockey stick in Cowichan Valley, BC? Recently, our Dealer- Josh Lust of Cogent Green Solutions decided to tackle this project to help the community members brighten up their beloved hockey stick. In these pics, we show the before and after which is always fun to see the progress.

How to create a Ghost Pattern

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How to set up on Wifi The ghost pattern is a favorite for us at Gemstone Lights and our customers. Not sure if you have a wifi or Bluetooth system? If the gem color in your app is green, you have a wifi system. If the gem color in your app is blue,

Halloween LED Lights for your Home or Business

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Halloween Lights LEDAdd some true Halloween spooky to your home today!Imagine the ideas you could create with your current Halloween set up if you added in a permanent LED solution.Here are a few reasons why our lighting solution is great for you if you love LEDs, holidays and lighting:Set them up and never have to take down because

How many colours can you make with Gemstone Lights?

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People often ask, "how many colors can your lights do?" Great question. Millions. This is a big reason why people love Gemstone Lights because they get the flexibility to dream up colors and patterns. Other systems only stick to a majority of the rainbow colors. That's too boring... Custom IOS & Android App The custom