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Best Outdoor Patio Lights for Ambiance and Security

Patio lights used to be something people put up out of necessity to enjoy the outdoors or feel safe after dark. With lighting technology advancing, outdoor lights can now be used to create an ambiance for events, give your home a festive flare, and accentuate architectural or landscaping features.

Some of the best outdoor patio lights allow you to do this with as little as a quick voice command. It’s remarkable how all your outdoor lighting needs can be met with just a few different lights.

What to Look For In Your Outdoor Patio Lights

Modern patio lights can do so much more than they used to. Technology has advanced so much in lighting that choosing the right outdoor patio lights can be challenging. Here are a few things we recommend looking for while you’re shopping for outdoor patio lights.

High Efficiency

LED is the leading technology in energy-efficient lighting. These types of lights use approximately a quarter of the electricity and last up to 25 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs, saving you money on your utility bill and the hassle of frequent maintenance. By simply switching over all of your incandescent lights in your home to LED, you could save hundreds a year.

Weather Resistance

Patio lights must be able to face all of the harsh conditions that the great outdoors throws at them, whether that’s rain, snow, or extreme sun. Your outdoor fixtures should be rated at IP65 or higher, ensuring they can withstand low-pressure water from any direction. There should also be UV protection on your exterior lights to keep your lights looking new even after years of direct sunlight.

Smart Features

Lighting has started becoming a lot more advanced in ease of use and personalization. All of your lights can now be controlled with a voice command through Alexa or Google Home. Many lights, like the smart LED lights from Gemstone Lights, also come with an app where you can set timers, change colors, create animations, and schedule settings for special days and holidays.

Coordinates With Your Home’s Design

When you’re purchasing patio lights, you want them to blend in with your current aesthetic so they don’t stick out. The best way to do this is to have a professional come out and match your new lights to your home’s current colors and materials. That way, it looks as though your new patio lights were built into your house rather than sloppily added on later.

Best Outdoor Patio Lights

When it comes to outdoor patio lights, you’ll find a wide variety of functions and styles. You can choose between permanent track lights, porch lights, path lights, flood lights, or a mixture of different lights throughout your yard. Below, we’ll review our picks for the best outdoor patio lights in each category.

Best Outdoor LED Permanent Lights: Gemstone Lights Track Lighting

front of a house illuminated with track lights

Gemstone Lights makes smart LED residential track lights and commercial track lights that are extremely customizable, easy to use, and designed to last years. With 16 million color choices and many animations and patterns, these lights can do nearly anything imaginable. Turn on a few warm white lights to add a bit of ambiance to your home, or put on a full-color light show to really wow the neighbors.

Your lights can be controlled from anywhere with the mobile app and Gemstone Lights’ unique cloud-based hub controller. For instance, if you forgot to program holiday lights before going on vacation, you can hop on the app and program the lights to come on at a certain time in different colors with your chosen animation. When you are home and don’t have your phone on you, you can voice control your lights through Alexa or Google Home.

You won’t need to worry about a storm taking out your lights because Gemstone lights are waterproof. They can handle heavy rains, snow, and ice without a problem. If something does happen to your lights, Gemstone Lights provides a five-year product warranty that will cover replacing any bulbs or wiring that malfunctions.

These track lights are designed to line your roof and are framed by aluminum made to match your soffit. Gemstone Lights has 150 aluminum colors to match your home perfectly, and they can custom-fit tracks with in-house machines for irregular soffit or fascia. You can contact a Gemstone Lights authorized dealer to have them professionally installed, making them look like they are a part of your house.

Notable Features:

  • The tracks are covered in waterproof aluminum that matches your house’s soffit.
  • A professional comes out to install the lights for you and can customize the installation however needed.
  • Controllable with Amazon Alexa or Google Home as well as Gemstone’s app.
  • You can put the lights on a timer, change colors, and create animations and patterns.
  • Waterproof enough to handle the harshest of storms with an IP67 rating.
  • You can control single lights or all of them at once.
  • LED with a warm white option, plus millions of other colors.

Best Outdoor LED Porch Lights: Gemstone Lights Opal Bulb

You most likely already have outdoor fixtures that match your home’s architecture. Gemstone Lights’ Opal Bulb is a quick and easy way to upgrade your porch lights and sconces without replacing all your fixtures. It is shaped and works the same as your usual lightbulb, so you can simply screw it into the existing socket.

The Opal Bulb is much more than your typical light bulb, though. They are LED and can be changed between millions of colors, including a warm white. You can also set animations and patterns if you wish to have your porch lights show off multiple colors. They can be automated to come on at certain times of the day and even set to come on at sunset and turn off at sunrise.

You can control your Opal Bulb with the online mobile app or with voice controls through Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The cloud-based control hub for Gemstone Lights lets you control your lights from anywhere with your mobile app. Honestly, this would be a great way to scare off people you don’t want on your porch while you’re away from home.

Each Opal Bulb can produce up to 650 lumens, so with a couple of porch lights, you should have plenty of brightness to light up your entire porch. However, Opal Bulbs are dimmable if you want to create more of a relaxing ambiance.

Notable Features:

  • The Opal Bulb is as easy to install as any other light bulb.
  • You change each bulb’s color, brightness, and patterns and put them on a timer.
  • Compatible with both Google Home and Alexa or use it with the original light switch. 
  • Easily customize your porch lights through the Gemstone Lights app.
  • These bulbs can produce 650 lumens, enough to light up a small patio.
  • LED RGBWW technology, which creates brighter colors and is energy efficient.

Best Flood Lights: Gemstone Lights Flood Lights

Flood lights have a multitude of purposes, such as lighting up a large exterior space, lighting architectural designs on the exterior of your home, showing off your landscaping, and more. Gemstone Lights’ LED flood lights are unique because they can be used for every single one of these purposes.

Typical flood lights can make you feel like you’re being spotlighted in a prison yard, whereas Gemstone Lights’ flood lights create a festive ambiance. These flood lights are extremely customizable, with 16 million lighting color options, the ability to put them on timers, and you can change the brightness of each flood light. You can personalize them to celebrate a holiday, create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, or use them to highlight a certain area.

Gemstone Lights’ flood lights are professionally installed by one of many Gemstone Lights authorized dealers, with the electrical lines buried. You won’t need to worry about gaudy wires sticking out or any components getting in the way or catching while landscaping your yard. All of the connections for those wires are also waterproof, so these flood lights can handle some brutal weather.

Like all of Gemstone Lights’ other types of lights, you can access them from anywhere with the Gemstone Lights Hub app due to their cloud-based controller. You can also schedule out special colors and timers for certain holidays or events through the app. It’s the easiest way to make your home stand out without having to play with lighting every day.

Notable Features:

  • Highly customizable, with the ability to choose between millions of colors, create patterns, and choose the brightness.
  • You can set timers and schedule certain automations for specific days.
  • Controllable from the Gemstone Lights app, making them super easy to use.
  • LED lighting that lasts approximately 50,000 hours and requires less energy.
  • A professional installer buries the wires so they aren’t visible and are out of the way.
  • Rated IP65 water resistance, meaning they can handle rain, snow, and ice.
  • Meant for highlighting specific landscaping or exteriors rather than lighting up a massive space.

Best Path Lights: XMCosy+ Landscape Lights

Path lights are the easiest way to quickly light up any walkway or driveway. The XMCosy+ landscape lights are some of the brightest pathway lights we’ve seen. At 400 lumens, these pathway lights are only slightly less bright than your standard light bulb.

You can use the XMCosy+ lights for a variety of purposes because the dual lights can rotate 340 degrees. One of the lights can be facing your pathway, and the other can be facing the opposite way to light up your landscaping.

Similar to Gemstone Lights’ products, the XMCosy+ lights are LED with millions of color choices, including a warm white. You can set the lights to perform different patterns and put them on timers to turn on and off at certain times. They are also controllable with a mobile app or voice controls using Alexa or Google assistant.

The XMCosy+ landscape lights are made of an aluminum outside that can withstand extreme sunshine and is water resistant. However, you may need to use some waterproof tape around the wire connections or enclose them in a waterproof box since they’re not 100% waterproof.

Other than that, these lights are pretty easy to install yourself with aluminum ground stakes and connections that simply plug into one another.

Notable Features:

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to turn on and off, adjust brightness, and change color.
  • Use the mobile app to set timers, change colors, create animations, and change brightness.
  • LED with a warm white option and 16 million color choices.
  • 400-lumen lights, which is extremely bright for a pathway light.
  • The dual light heads are independently adjustable, being able to rotate 340 degrees.
  • Made of aluminum for UV protection and has an IP65 water resistance rating.
  • The control box is sold separately.
  • The wire connections are not 100% waterproof and need a waterproof covering.

The Overall Best Outdoor Patio Lights

Whatever your outdoor patio lights needs are, Gemstone Lights has you covered. Plus, all of the different types of patio lights you need can be installed at once by a Gemstone Lights authorized dealer, making the entire process quick and hassle-free. Simply call to get a free quote, tell the professionals your vision, and let them do all the work.

From there, all you have to do is schedule out your lights and set colors or animations through the mobile app. You can then sit back and relax while your Gemstone Lights make your home stand out on the block.

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