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Best Outdoor LED Lights For Your Home

Best Outdoor LED Lights

It’s no exaggeration to say that LED technology has revolutionized lighting.

In the past decade or so, as LED has become a mainstay of the lighting world, home and business owners have increasingly turned to LED to illuminate the inside and outside of their properties.

The Gemstone Lights system is completely LED-based. The RGB+W LED strip we use in our system (with a white chip as well as red, green and blue) enables us to deliver comprehensive outdoor lighting solutions to homes and businesses around North America cost-effectively and with stunning results.

As you will see below, there are many good reasons for making the switch to LED and so many different things you can achieve with a lighting system that is so flexible and customizable.

Benefits of outdoor lighting

If you’re reading this, you have probably already decided either to install outside lighting or change your existing setup to a more efficient or cost-effective system.

So, we won’t dwell too long on the many benefits of outdoor lighting other than to say:

Gemstone Outdoor Lighting Options

Why choose smart outdoor LED lights?

LED lighting for your outdoor areas can do all of the things that traditional lighting can do but with lower power consumption, much greater convenience, and far more flexibility.

Some of the great benefits of LED lighting over traditional lighting include:


You can change the colors, patterns, and brightness of your lights easily with an integrated LED system like the customizable Gemstone Lights system.

Energy efficiency

LED lights last up to 50,000 hours longer than traditional light bulbs and they use 80 percent less electricity.


Providing you install a reliable system with durable, weatherproof tracks and waterproof covers, your lights will last many years.

Wow factor

LED lights can really create an impact on special occasions, like holidays, parties, barbecues, etc. The array of colors, patterns and animations you can introduce with LED lights is one of their main attractions.


LED lighting systems should save you money on your monthly electricity bills as they are much cheaper to run than traditional pot lighting systems.


LED lights are small and steady-state lights, meaning that you won’t have the breaking or recycling issues that are common with traditional lighting.


This is one of the most important considerations for outside lights.

Our system converts your 110v house power to safe 12v power and has been approved by the Canadian Standards Association to be sold and installed in Canada and North America.


The best LED lighting systems are extremely convenient and put you in control.

Gemstone Lights system uses a proprietary app by which you can control your entire outdoor lighting system from your smartphone - wherever you are and whichever device you’re using.

What styles can you achieve with LED lights?

Following are just a few examples of what you can achieve with the best outdoor LED lights:

Architectural lighting

Architectural LED Lights

Christmas party lighting

Christmas outdoor LED lighting

Independence Day lighting

4th of July Outdoor Lights

Halloween lighting

White Farmhouse lit up in warm white architectural lights at night

Birthday party lighting

Farm House lit up in multi-color Gemstone Lights

Spotlights for extra security

A duplex with architectural lights at night

How to choose the right outdoor lighting option for your home

If you’re thinking about changing your outdoor lighting system to an LED-based system, it’s worth noting what to look for in an LED lighting system.

You should be looking for the following features:

Installation tips for LED lights

LED lights should be installed with color-matched tracks. This will provide the best aesthetics as the tracks will then blend into the home and not be sorely visible.

These colors are often chosen to match the soffit or fascia color on the roof and tracks can be installed on either wooden or aluminum trim.

Tracks should be designed to point the lights downward for the best ambience effect. Each track will overlap the previous track to create a pleasing flow that blends in with the home. Depending on the shape of your house, the tracks will have corners or bends built-in as part of the install.

All corners should have tight clean installs that will continue the flow of the track which in turn displays the lights in a pleasing symmetrical flow.

Using a custom track system, the LED lighting installation can be adapted for transitioning from a sloped soffit to a flat soffit. As long as the corners are tight and sharp along with the proper angles and depth of the flat and sloped sections, your lights will look fantastic.

How much does an outdoor LED lighting system cost?

Like with all lighting systems, you have the installation and running costs to consider. To arrive at an informed decision about cost-effectiveness, you need to weigh up these costs with how long the system is expected to last.

The best LED light systems like Gemstone Lights are considered “permanent” solutions due to their longevity. They are backed up by “bumper to bumper” warranties.

So, this balanced with the reduced running costs (you should experience up to 80 percent lower electricity bills than with traditional outdoor lighting systems) can offset the installation costs.

LED systems are not the cheapest to install but they do provide an excellent return on investment.

Actual installation costs are heavily dependent on the size of your home and how much track you require.

For the most accurate estimate, contact a Gemstone Lights Authorized Dealer, who can visit your premises, measure up, and provide an indicative quote for your lighting system.

Does it help save my energy costs?

LED lights have different wattages associated with them, depending on their color.

Generally speaking, LED lights are very energy-efficient. As the technology has developed, it has continued to improve.

As a guideline, Gemstone Lights draw anywhere from 0.17 watts to 0.72 watts per light, depending on the color you choose and the intensity you want (this is all controlled from your centralized, cloud-based app)

How to save on electricity fees

Standard LED light configurations are cost-effective to run. However, you can further save on electricity costs by using timers to switch the lights on and off at preset times.

You can also choose configurations that use the least number of bulbs at times when you are not looking to impress the neighbors!

How long do outdoor LED lights last?

According to the US Department of Energy, a good-quality LED light should last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours. Those we use at Gemstone Lights are graded for 50,000 hours though it is not unheard of for some lights to last longer.

Still have questions?

Still don't know which exterior lighting solution is the best for your home? Get in touch with a Gemstone Lights expert in your area today. Our dealers are available to help homeowners across Canada and the USA.

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