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Best Outdoor Christmas Lights

Best outdoor christmas lights in USA and Canada

Christmas and the festive season is such an exciting time of year.

Simply seeing the excitement in children’s eyes as the countdown to Christmas Day starts is a wonderful experience – and the day that the lights go up is always special.

However, it can be a busy day for mums and dads.

The good news is that you can save the work of hanging lights AND wow the kids at the same time. A permanent LED lighting system does things you never believed lights could do – all without barely lifting a finger.

Permanent LED lights help you inject festive fun into your outdoor lighting with greater flexibility and without ever having to hang lights again. The best lights perfectly set the Christmas scene and take excitement levels up a notch.

And, what’s more, the same lights can be used to celebrate any event on the calendar – you simply switch up the patterns and colors to match the occasion.

Find out how this year, and every year following, your Christmas lights can be more dynamic, safer, a whole lot more fun… and a whole lot less work.

What are the best outdoor Christmas lights?

Before we consider what the best outdoor Christmas lights available are, let’s look a little closer at the traditional setups used in the past and still used by some homes and businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

They are typically beset by a few common drawbacks:

You can see that there are many issues with traditional lights.

Fortunately, technology has moved on and provided a more permanent, flexible, and cost-effective solution for outdoor Christmas lights.

Permanent LED lights have many advantages over traditional lighting systems for home and business owners.

Why are permanent LED Christmas lights the best solution?

A quick look at the features of high-quality permanent LED Christmas lights reveals several important benefits over traditional systems:

Extensive choice for homeowners (and the kids)

Permanent LED lights offer an extensive choice of colors and patterns for Christmas AND other times of the year.

You can use the pre-built patterns or create your own customized patterns according to what your kids want to see this Christmas, next Christmas, and for all the other occasions like Halloween, Independence Day, etc.

Each individual light bulb is addressable, meaning that you can get really detailed and specific with your lighting patterns, changing the color, animations, brightness, and so on, as frequently as you like.

New pre-built patterns are frequently added to the system and can generally be downloaded on demand – or you can choose from hundreds of existing patterns that most of the apps have.

Fun animations and the brightest colors

Best permanent christmas lights in USA and CanadaAre you looking for the brightest, most mesmerizing, and fun animations or a more static pattern?

Dazzling Christmas reds and greens or do you want to add a splash of white or purple for a change?

Maybe a candy-cane pattern to delight the little ones?

You’re in charge of the patterns and you can set up fantastic dancing patterns or more sedate ones, depending on mood.

That’s just at Christmas time of course.

For the rest of the year, you can choose subtle architectural lighting or get in the mood for Halloween or Valentine’s Day by adjusting your outdoor lighting patterns easily with the app.

Permanence replaces temporary solutions

If you want to save the hassle of re-hanging Christmas lights each year, our LED system is a permanent solution that helps you do that.

Custom permanent aluminum tracks are installed between the trim of your home (soffit and fascia). This provides a low profile that is barely visible from the road and the tracks can be color-matched to your home.

The use of long-lasting LED bulbs adds to the sense of permanency. No more climbing ladders or replacing broken bulbs. You install the system once and it stays. Never hang lights again!

Convenience and control

Once LED Christmas lights are installed, a cloud-based controller app generally allows you to adjust settings from anywhere at any time. All you need is an iOS or Android device and an internet connection.

If you use Alexa or Google Home, it can be integrated. You can set multiple timers in advance, which saves you having to manually switch your lights on and off every day.

You are in control of your lights at all times, wherever you are.

Durability and longevity

Outdoor Christmas lighting systems in North America need to be able to withstand the harsh elements that we experience in winter .

The best LED systems feature individual waterproof connections rather than a solder-type system. Be sure to choose the high-grade bulbs rather than the lower-quality LED bulbs used by the inferior systems.

Also, make sure that your LED solution is backed up by a generous warranty that covers you and acts as a seal of quality.

Safety and reliability

The best outdoor LED Christmas lights employ a plug-and-play system that converts your high voltage home power to safe low voltage power.

When choosing your system, look for appropriate certification that covers North America, such as CSA and ETL certifications. Beware of cheaper, unverified systems that could lead to a frustrating or even dangerous situation.

Potential to save money

The best outdoor LED light systems save money on monthly bills because high-quality LED bulbs are more energy-efficient.

They do not waste so much energy on creating heat like traditional can lights and can, therefore, be much lower voltage.

This has the potential to make a noticeable dent in the monthly electricity bills and to offset some of the costs of switching over to an LED system.

The best quality, longest-lasting
LED Christmas lights

You’ve seen how permanent LED lights are the best choice if you’re looking for a more effective set up for your outdoor lighting this Christmas.

best outdoor led christmas lights gemstone

But which system?

Many suppliers have added LED solutions to their offerings in recent years.

Gemstone Lights provides only LED systems. We use only the best permanent outdoor Christmas lights and our system includes all of the above features and benefits.

We provide an all-in-one solution that comes with a bumper-to-bumper warranty for peace of mind for home and business owners.

We use a highly safe and effective plug and play system that converts your 110v house power to safe 12v power.

We also use the best quality LED bulbs on the market, graded for 50,000+ hours, which means that you can leave them on all the time without worrying about wearing them out or wasting too much electricity.

If you want to save on electricity costs, use the multiple preset timers on our proprietary cloud-based app, which is the smartest around.

Ours is also one of the very few systems to receive both the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Electrical Testing Labs (ETL) certification for sale and installation in North America.

How much are permanent Christmas lights?

If any company quotes you on permanent LED Christmas lights without actually visiting your property and measuring up, you should be suspicious.

The reason for this is that LED systems are quoted by the amount of track required.

However, simply supplying the surface area of your property is not enough for an accurate estimation of the amount of track required to install your lighting system.

Different roofing systems have different shapes, designs, and track requirements and this needs to be assessed on-site by one of our professionals. Measuring a property yourself can be extremely challenging unless you are experienced in this process.

Gemstone Lights certified Authorized Dealers are based all over North America.

Our qualified professionals will visit your property and measure up so that we provide an accurate estimate.

Get in touch for a free, no-obligation measure up and quote.

Make it a Christmas to remember for the whole street

This holiday season could be the one that gets you set up for every holiday season in the future.

Making the change to permanent LED Christmas lights will save you time and money this year and every year.

It will also put your home well and truly in the running to be the one on the street that everybody looks at and remembers when they walk past.

Eye-catching, festive, dazzling patterns that make this Christmas a Christmas to remember. Get in touch with a Gemstone Lights expert in your area today.

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