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Architectural Outdoor Lighting in Canada and USA

If you have a beautiful home, you want it to look its best at all times of the day and all times of the year.

Architectural outdoor lighting is an eye-catching and cost-effective way to accent the best features of your home, while also serving practical security and safety purposes for you and your family.

The impact that the right choice of lighting can make should not be under-estimated. It can draw attention to the textures, colors, and forms of your house that you most love, as you proudly display your home to the world. It can even help hide any parts that you don’t love by keeping them “in the shade”.

Architectural Outdoor Lighting in Canada and USA
As you will see, architectural exterior lighting is extremely varied and, with LED technology, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to color-and-pattern combinations – and at a lower cost than using traditional can lights.

The twin purposes of architectural lighting

Many homeowners in the US and Canada consider outdoor lighting in purely practical terms – providing light for a barbecue area or to help celebrate an occasion.

You may be considering a new permanent lighting system outside your home mainly for this purpose and that’s fine: architectural lighting can illuminate areas to help improve convenience and safety for family members or heighten security to deter burglars, for instance.

However, lighting can be used to help shape or modify how we perceive the characteristics of a building. Lighting produces an emotional response in people and getting it right is like an art form.

So, besides the practical reasons, there are also aesthetic reasons for installing a new outdoor architectural lighting system. You want to create the right look. You want to add style to the outside of your house.

For many homes that boast strong features, architectural lighting can achieve both beauty and function.

What is architectural lighting?

Architectural exterior lighting can provide accent lighting that highlights the architectural features of a building. It can provide focused downlighting or accenting for certain areas, adding mood, elegance, and style to your home.

That is the decorative nature of architectural lighting that people see from the curbside. It can add value and appeal to a home.

As mentioned, architectural lighting serves an important practical purpose for you and your family, illuminating otherwise dark areas like driveways, yards, and pathways around your property.

Maybe you are looking for an understated and cool look for summer? White LED lights around the roofing, main windows, and the garage is a popular choice.

With the use of smart LED technology, you can change that look as often as you like. Want a warmer glow for winter? No problem – just program it from the controller app.

For business owners, architectural lighting can also help highlight key signage or landmarks on your property.

What types of homes employ architectural lighting?

Your home doesn’t need to have been custom-designed by an architect to enjoy the stylish and practical benefits of architectural lighting.

This type of lighting can add a final decorative flourish to any home that you are proud of and want to show off in its best light.

If you are looking to add a touch of class and help your home stand out in the neighborhood, architectural lighting can give you the look.

architectural lighting in Canada and USA

Looking to install an architectural lighting system?

Energy-efficient LED technology for your home

The opportunities with exterior architectural lighting have increased many times over with the development of LED technology.

Traditional can or pot lights used to be the mainstay of lighting for outdoor areas. Many homes across North America still use them.

However, when compared with traditional lights, LED lights are more flexible, considerably less expensive to run, and require changing far less frequently.

LED is the modern, convenient, and energy-efficient way to light the outside of your home. The long-lasting bulbs sit in weather-proof aluminum tracks that are color-matched to your home.

architectural exterior lighting in Canada and USA

All that you see from the roadside is the beautiful lighting pattern and colors that you have programmed from your LED controller app.

LED enables IP-based remote control and intelligent lighting capabilities. You can mix colors and white tones to create unique static or animated patterns. LED technology provides accurate color reproduction with rapid on/off transitions.

The controller app uses the best features of mobile technology, allowing you to easily program different combinations of colors and patterns using nothing more than your smartphone.

You can program the lights from anywhere – from the comfort of your living room, from the office, or even while you are away on vacation. Set timers and adjust them as many times as you like without ever having to climb a ladder!

Because the LED bulbs we use can last up to 50,000 hours, you rarely even need to scale a ladder to change them.

As well as the extra functionality and choice provided, switching to LED can save money every month. LED bulbs have lower power consumption than traditional can lights and that translates to lower electricity bills.

This all makes outdoor architectural LED lighting the most user-friendly, flexible, convenient, and cost-effective system on the market.

Choice, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and more…

If you’re thinking of fitting an outdoor LED lighting system, you only want to do it once in your life. So, it pays to do your homework first.

Gemstone Lights has been providing LED architectural lighting systems across North America for many years now.

Here’s why more home and business owners are choosing us:


an extensive choice of colors (any color on the RGB spectrum) with 100+ in-built patterns.


No more climbing on the roof and hanging lights for every occasion…our system is permanent.


adjust settings from anywhere at any time using any iOS or Android device.


Each individual LED bulb is addressable so that you can get creative with your lighting patterns.

architectural led lighting in Canada and USA

Our LED architectural lighting system withstands the harsh elements with individual waterproof connections.


we are one of the few systems to receive both Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Electrical Testing Labs (ETL) certification for sale and installation in North America.


We use a plug-and-play system that converts your 110v house power to safe 12v power.


Our “bumper to bumper” warranty is second to none.


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