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App-Controlled LED Lights

App controlled led lights in Canada & USAHanging lights around the roofing system might be fun for the kids to watch but it might be a little nerve-racking for adults.

It can all be a thing of the past now that programmable lights have burst onto the scene.

Gemstone Lights produces app-controlled outdoor LED lights to help you achieve much more with your lighting system by simply using a smartphone.

The magic of turning the lights on for the first time remains, so does the wonder in the eyes of the kiddos as you turn your lights on and the festive season officially begins. Nothing can take that moment away.

Exterior lights are smarter and safer now – using the available technology from the comfort of your living room. And it’s so simple even your children can do it.

Smart lights allow you to create innumerable different patterns and colors with your lights, static and animated designs with traditional reds and greens, or a dash of purple and gold for a unique look.

Your children won’t be the only ones to notice your lights this year. You’ll be the talk of the street!

Why switch to app-controlled outdoor lighting?

With the adaption of new technology, life has been made a lot easier.

App-controlled outdoor lights are a revolutionary change that will fundamentally change the way that people celebrate special occasions.
That’s not an overstatement.

Programmable outdoor lights use LED technology, the smartest lighting technology around. They allow you to do many things that traditional string lights will not.

Hang Them Once And Leave Them

programmable outdoor christmas lights in Canada & USAYou will not need to re-hang your lights every Christmas with our programmable lighting system. Once fitted, the lights remain permanently ready to illuminate your home or business on any occasion.

Customized aluminum tracks are installed between the trim of your home (soffit and fascia).

The long-lasting LED lights that sit in these tracks are controlled from a convenient, proprietary app, which means no more scaling ladders to regularly hang lights or replace broken bulbs.

Give Your Kids More Choice and Variation

App-controlled outdoor lights provide a dizzying array of patterns and colors for your kids to enjoy this holiday season.

You can either use the pre-built patterns or create your own customized patterns. Whatever lights your kids want for their birthday parties, you can make it happen.

It’s up to you and your kids to put on the light-show you really want for the outside of your home. You can get detailed with your patterns, changing the color, animations, and brightness as often as you like.

New pre-built patterns are frequently added to the system and can be downloaded on demand to your smartphone via the controller app.

No More Ugly “Overhang”

The track system we use provides a “low profile” with no “overhang” from the roof. It is also color-matched to your home.

This means that passersby will see only the sparkling lights from the road – not the system that runs it.

Use Again and Again for Any Occasions

programmable outdoor lights in Canada & USAOne of the great beauties of smart lights is that after one special occasion has finished you and the kids can start thinking about patterns you want to use for the next occasion, i.e. New Year, birthdays, 4th of July, Christmas (not forgetting Halloween, which is always a fun one).

In between the special occasions and events, you may choose subtle architectural lighting that accentuates the features of your home in a warm golden glow or an icy white.

You adjust your outdoor lighting patterns however you want with the app.

Save Money on Running Costs

Do you know how much traditional incandescent lights cost to run?

You might be surprised. One of the unexpected benefits for homeowners of switching to LED-based outdoor holiday lights is the lower monthly electricity bills.

LED technology uses less energy on creating heat and this extra efficiency translates to lower voltage and lower electricity usage.

Think of the money saved on your energy bills as offsetting the initial outlay for fitting the new system – over the years it will gradually pay back your investment.

Put Safety and Reliability First

Not only are LED lights safer than traditional lights to hang (no scaling ladders), they are safer and more reliable to run over the long term too.

A plug-and-play system converts your high voltage home power to safe low voltage power.

The Gemstone Lights programmable led lights system is also covered by CSA and ETL certifications for North America, which adds to your peace of mind.

Beware of cheaper, unverified systems that could lead to frustrating or even dangerous situations.

Be in Control From The Comfort of Your Living Room

app controlled outdoor lights in Canada & USAThe kids are getting on to you to get the decorations up and you convince them to start with the outside lights first.

All you have to do is access the cloud-based controller app on your smartphone and start playing around with the prebuilt patterns or customizing your own designs. It’s as simple as that.

You can set multiple timers in advance, saving you from having to manually switch your lights on and off every day.

This can all be arranged from your living room sofa or your office – all you need is an iOS or Android device and an internet connection. If you use Alexa or Google Home, it can be integrated.

You are in control. What could be more convenient?

Enjoy The Peace of Mind: Be in Control

Programmable holiday lights for outside the home need to be able to withstand the harsh elements that we experience in winter in many parts of North America.

With the Gemstone Lights system, individual waterproof connections are used rather than a solder-type system. We also use the high-grade LED bulbs (graded for 50,000+ hours) rather than the lower-quality bulbs used by many inferior systems.

The system is, of course, backed by a generous warranty that covers you and acts as a seal of quality.

Dazzle with your lights all year long

Eye-catching, dazzling patterns can make any occasion memorable not only for the children but for the grown-ups too.

After all, when the kids are happy, mums and dads are happy too.

With Gemstone Lights, you get a permanent system that sits at the cutting edge of outdoor lighting systems in North America today.
It is smart lighting that leads to:

  • Absolute control – a cloud-based app accessible from anywhere on any device, even when you’re away from home
  • Peace of mind –excellent durability and unmatched safety levels
  • Endless choice – the RGB color spectrum used in LED technology allows you to choose from a huge variety of different colors and hues of light
  • Simple customization – if you don’t want to use one of the prebuilt patterns, you can create your own easily through the controller app
  • Huge versatility – lights can be programmed for multiple occasions throughout the year without lifting a finger
  • Great value – the cutting-edge lighting system can start to save you money on your electricity bills compared to traditional outdoor holiday lights

Enter the world of smart lighting

Gemstone Lights certified Authorized Dealers are based all over North America. You can search for the closest one here.

One of our professionals can come to you and assess the track requirements for your home, measuring up your property so that we can provide an accurate quotation for installing your outdoor app-controlled lighting solution.

Remember, all lighting systems come with a bumper-to-bumper warranty to give home and business owners extra peace of mind.

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