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Owner Tate Leavitt started Gemstone Lights in 2016. He was tired of hanging Christmas lights on his house and felt there was a better way. After an exhaustive search, he concluded that nobody had a high quality permanent outdoor lighting system that was sleek, professional, blended into the home and handled the harsh winters of Calgary Alberta. He got to work right away creating what we refer to today as “Gemstone Lights 1.0” for his home.

He initially created a bluetooth controller that provided the customer with plenty of custom colors and fun patterns. Every house that was lit up was a new and exciting experience. The wow factor was amazing! This was an exciting time as he knew he was on to something. He couldn’t keep up with all the demand and he didn’t stop there. Tate very quickly established the need to always make things better. Since that first installation there have been hundreds of improvements to the products that we like to refer to as “Game changers”. Some of these include the addition of a dedicated 2800k warm white (true warm white) in every bulb and the ability to control each light individually. These two features combined allow the customer the ability to use their system all year round and create custom elegant architectural patterns specific to their home or business. As a result of these changes, we also now offer a cloud-based Hub controller that allows our customers to enjoy multiple Gemstone Lights products controlled through one app while being anywhere in the world (as long as you are connected to the internet). 
Since that first cold winter day in 2016, Gemstone Lights has grown from the inside of Tate’s garage to offering its products in over 170 markets across North America today. Gemstone Lights still continues to grow rapidly and is extremely committed to making high quality outdoor and indoor LED lighting solutions available to everyone. 

Our Leadership

Headshot of Tate Leavitt

Tate Leavitt

President/ Founder

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Stuart Loewen

VP Operations

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Cole Heavenor

VP Sales

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Jay Leishman

VP Marketing

1000 +
Lights Installed
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