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6 Things to Consider When Selecting Christmas LED Smart Lights

Having Christmas lights on the outside of your home or business can add holiday cheer.

Which lights should you get for your home or business exterior? With outdoor LED lights rather than traditional bulbs, you’ll have lighting that uses less energy and saves you money. Choosing smart LED lights gives you more control over your lighting. You can also go a step further and get LED color changing lights for an even more festive lighting effect.

When you explore options for Christmas LED smart lights, it’s important to know what to look for. Taking all of the following factors into consideration can help you select the best color changing Christmas lights for your home or business.

Permanent Christmas LED Lights

Purchasing permanent LED lights is a good investment to make. With Christmas lights that are permanently installed, you don’t have to spend time putting them up year after year. When you don’t have permanent lights, you also have to take them down every year. This can take up a lot of your time during one of the busiest parts of the year. With permanent LED lights, your lighting will already be installed and ready to use every Christmas season.

Permanent Christmas lights are also a safer option compared to temporary lights. With these lights, you don’t have to climb up to put them up and take them down each year. This lowers the risk of falling off a ladder or having other accidents. Permanent LED lights stay in place year after year, eliminating the need to climb up and down ladders. Gemstone Lights offer permanent lighting solutions for homes and businesses.

Permanent Christmas LED Lights

1. Rated for Outdoor Use

When choosing LED Christmas lights, make sure you find ones that are designed for outdoor use. Your permanent lights need to be able to handle all kinds of weather conditions and temperatures without the risk of damage.

This means you should check for ratings on lights and only choose a type that’s rated for outdoor use. You’ll also want to look for lights that are waterproof and able to withstand exposure to the sun’s UV rays without being damaged.

Gemstone Lights has LED Christmas lights that are made for outdoor use. These lights have an IP67 waterproof rating, so you don’t have to worry about damage from rain or snow. Our permanent LED lights are also UV-rated for protection from the sun’s rays. This means your lights won’t wear out or become damaged from being out in the sun day after day. Gemstone Lights have ETL or UL certification as well, which indicates that they meet strict safety standards.

2. Color Changing Christmas Lights with Animations

Color changing Christmas lights are a fun way to decorate your home or building’s exterior for the holidays. You can look for lights that change from green to red or lights that change to multiple colors. Choose LED Christmas lights that offer a wide range of colors, so you’ll have more options available.

With permanent color changing lights, you can use different color schemes in different seasons, for different holidays, or for other special occasions. Gemstone Lights offers 16 million colors to choose from, giving you plenty of options.

Some color changing LED lights have animations available. These animations can have a visually striking effect on your home or building. You can use chase animations for an exciting and colorful holiday display, or use fade, sway, wave, or flow animations for an elegant lighting display.

Gemstone Lights offers several animations for our permanent LED lighting solutions. You can use different animations and color schemes throughout the year for various holidays and occasions.

Gemstone Changing Christmas Lights

3. Convenient Control

Why choose smart LED Christmas lights for your home or business? These lights allow you to control them from your smartphone or tablet with just a touch. You can turn your lighting on and off whenever you want, make adjustments to the colors or animations, or program your lights to come on at certain times. Since you’re able to use your smartphone or tablet to do this, you can control your lights from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Gemstone Lights has an app available, Gemstone HUB, that provides a simple way to turn your lighting on and off or make changes to it from your smartphone or tablet. Our app is easy to use and includes access to several animations, tons of color schemes, and more.

With our smart LED lighting solutions, you can enjoy your Christmas lights as soon as the holiday season starts and continue using your lighting for other occasions.

4. Versatility

How do color changing LED lights work? These lights have three diodes in each bulb, including red, green, and blue. These RBG diodes are able to generate different light colors, including warm white and cool white tones, along with many other colors.

In fact, Gemstone Lights can create up to 16 million different colors. This versatility means you’re able to use your LED lighting solution for all kinds of holidays or other special occasions. In addition to Christmas, you can use your lights for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Halloween, graduations, and much more.

Having versatile lights gives you a chance to use them all year round, making them a long-term investment. You can light up your home or business with white lights or another color to draw attention to certain features. Whether you use your lights for holidays or to enhance architectural features, Gemstone Lights provide plenty of versatility.

LED Color Changing Christmas lights

5. LED Color Changing Lights with Energy Efficiency

LED lights offer a cost-saving lighting solution when you want permanent Christmas lights for your home or business. A significant amount of these savings come from the energy efficiency of these bulbs. LED bulbs use less energy than incandescent bulbs and other kinds of light bulbs. Since they use less energy, you can have your Christmas lights on for longer periods of time without running up your energy bills. This helps ensure that you get more use out of your LED lighting.

Color changing LED lights also last longer than other bulbs. With LED Track Lights from Gemstone Lights, you don’t have to replace them or change them as often as you would with incandescent Christmas lights or other bulb types. This longer life span helps you make the most of your LED outdoor lighting solution.

6. Choose Trusted Installers

Now that you know what to look for in Christmas LED smart lights, your next step is finding trusted installers. You should choose an installer with experience putting LED lighting solutions on houses and buildings. Having a trusted installer means you don’t have to worry about your lights being installed incorrectly or unsafely.

Gemstone Lights has expert Authorized Dealers available to install your Christmas LED lights. Our Authorized Dealers have been trained on installing our system and can provide you with guidance on how to use navigate the Gemstone HUB app, in relation to your lights, once they’re installed.

Christmas LED smart lights installer

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