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3 Creative Ways to Use Gemstone Lights in Your Home Decor

Lighting serves many practical purposes, such as providing illumination inside for reading or making properties more secure. However, lighting can also be used for aesthetic purposes. Homeowners can use lights to create a certain ambience in a room or highlight features on the outside of their home or yard. Smart lighting makes it even easier to accomplish this, since it allows homeowners to control or adjust lights with an app. Gemstone Lights offers high-quality smart lighting that homeowners can use as home decor to enhance the interior or exterior of their property.

What Are Gemstone Lights?

Gemstone Lights are permanent, smart lighting solutions for homes. These LED lights have a versatile design that allows them to be installed in a wide range of places, both indoors and outdoors. Each LED bulb in Gemstone Lights is able to produce millions of colors and can be controlled with the touch of a button on the Gemstone app. Different types of Gemstone Lights are available for residential and commercial properties.

Types of Gemstone Lights

Track Lights

Track lighting systems can be installed along the edges of homes and commercial properties to increase illumination and achieve decorative effects. Our track lighting systems are customized to fit any depth or shape of track. No matter what kind of soft and fascia construction your home has, we can create a track lighting system that fits perfectly. These lighting systems are available in many colors and patterns. These waterproof lights can withstand severe weather and last for many years.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are individual lights that can be installed outdoors to draw attention to specific features on home exteriors and landscaping. These Gemstone Lighting systems have warm white LED lights and millions of other colors available. Our flood lights have individual waterproof connections for added safety, as well as timers and automation for ease of use.

Opal Bulbs

This type of smart lightbulb offers convenient ways to create a different mood or ambience in your home. The Opal Bulb can be easily placed into light fixtures, such as lamps, and adjusted to display different colors and scenes. Gemstone Opal Bulbs are LED bulbs that can be controlled through the Gemstone app or a home automation system, such as Google Home.

Benefits of Using Gemstone Lights as Home Decor

Using Gemstone Lights as home decor offers several advantages. When you have these smart lighting systems installed, you can look forward to enjoying many benefits, including the following:

  • Convenient Control: With the Gemstone app, you can easily turn track lights, flood lights, or Opal Bulbs on and off as needed. The app also makes it simple to choose certain colors, patterns, or scenes for your lighting system and change them as often as you want. Since the app is installed on smartphones and tablets, you can control your lighting from anywhere, even when you’re away from home.
  • Diverse Color and Pattern Options: Gemstone Lights provide an impressive range of color and pattern options for lighting systems. You can light up your home or yard in a specific color pattern for holidays or seasons, or choose patterns for celebrations and other occasions. Gemstone Lighting systems offer over 16 million colors to choose from, along with many patterns and scenes.
  • Permanent Lighting Solution: When you use Gemstone Lights as home decor, you don’t have to worry about changing lighting systems or taking strings of lights down. Since you have access to so many colors and patterns with these permanent LED lighting solutions, having them installed once means you’re all set.

Accent Lighting for Your Home Exterior

Gemstone Lights can help enhance the look of your home with our track lighting systems. These systems can be used as accent lighting that highlights architectural features on your home exterior or brightens up the edges of your home to create a stunning visual effect.

For example, you can use these lights in warm white to give your home exterior a welcoming appearance. You can choose different color schemes or patterns to use as accent lighting for different events, holidays, seasons, and other occasions, such as your favorite sports team’s color during playoffs or championship games.

These options provide a creative and fun way to use accent lighting for your home exterior. With millions of colors and patterns to choose from, your home can have a different look throughout the year. Keep in mind that Gemstone Lights track lighting systems can be customized to fit your home exterior.

This helps ensure that you have accent lighting that creates attractive visual effects rather than looking out of place or uneven. With this kind of accent lighting, your home exterior can achieve a picturesque look at night.

Flood Lights to Uplight Your Home and Highlight Gardens and Landscaping

Flood lights from Gemstone Lights can be used to uplight certain areas of your home exterior. These lights are ideal for areas that aren’t directly lit from above, such as dark corners or recessed areas. Using uplights can give your home added visual appeal. You can use flood lights as uplights when you want to highlight specific features of your home exterior.

Gemstone Lights’ flood lights can also be used to highlight landscaping or gardens. Since these areas aren’t visible in the dark, adding lighting to them can draw attention to them at night. You can use these smart lights to create beautiful visual effects, such as highlighting trees in certain areas of your yard or trees that are next to your home exterior.

These flood lights can also be used to highlight decorative landscaping, such as ornamental bushes and shrubs. With flood lights from Gemstone Lights, you’ll be able to showcase your landscaping and gardens, even when it’s dark out.

Opal Bulbs to Create Moods in Different Rooms

The Opal Bulb can create different effects in various rooms throughout your home. When you use these bulbs in light fixtures, you can change colors or choose scenes to display. For example, you can use soothing blue tones in your nightstand lamp to help you fall asleep at night.

For a more lively ambience in your living room or other areas, you can choose bright tones, such as reds, yellows, or oranges. You can also choose colors that go with different holidays, such as red and green for Christmas or green and orange for Halloween, when you have holiday gatherings or parties.

Opal Bulbs come with pre-programmed lighting styles, which you can use to quickly create the right ambience in any part of your home. You can also change all of these lights at once just by tapping a button on your Gemstone app. Opal Bulb lights also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for added convenience.

These lights are dimmable as well, which makes it easy to make rooms brighter or dimmer as needed. This can add to the ambience your lights already create with their colors or scenes.

Contact Us About Smart Lighting Solutions

To learn more about using smart lighting as home decor, please contact Gemstone Lights. Our lighting experts can help you choose the right smart lights for your home to enhance the exterior, highlight landscaping, and create an ambience indoors.

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