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10 Reasons Why You Should Get Gemstone Lights

Gemstone Lights offers many fun ideas and opportunities to make your home or business more awesome.

Here’s a list of 10 reasons we think you should consider when purchasing our Smart Outdoor Lighting Solution.

1. North American Owned & Manufactured

We created our own proprietary products that you cannot find or buy off the shelf. This is very important to us because we aim to be the best lighting company the market has ever seen. At Gemstone Lights, we constantly strive to make our products better each time which our customers love because they get the best of the best.

2. Mesmerizing Animations- 11+ Patterns

Currently, we have 11 different types of patterns you can choose from that will make your home look awesome. Within each of those patterns, you have limitless options to create almost anything you want. Our patterns are dreamt up by us and our customers which you can use on either our iOS and Android app.

3. True Warm White!

This is an absolute customer favorite! LEDs are phenomenal and powerful, but even more amazing is the ability to use a soft white that can give your home a subtle ambiance. This color is perfect for a warm summer evening playing in the dark!

4. Individual Waterproof Connectors

You probably have seen the strip light look on hotels or restaurants which is showing up on homes now. From a tech standpoint, the long strip of lights is exactly that, strips connected to each other. What sets up Gemstone Lights differently is that we don’t utilize the strip set up for a few reasons. Our lights are waterproof and individually connected to handle the seasons, but more than that, they are easy to replace should one become faulty. It usually takes us longer to put a ladder up than to change the actual LED! Waste is minimized this way and our customers love that they know they have more control.

5. Architectural Lighting

Each LED on your home is individually controlled which gives you more control and versatility. This allows you to create some awesome lighting patterns with endless ideas. We can control your front porch and leave everything else off or vice versa. We can replace and create lights wherever your pot lights are. Just think of the savings on that! Now you can create an amazing architectural look and feel using any colors you desire.

6. Set Multiple Timers

Gemstone Lights has created timers for your system that can turn on and off your lights or patterns whenever you want. You simply choose the date, time, pattern and turn it on. Customers like being able to turn on lights at a certain time during the mornings and turn off when they want. You can even use the architectural lighting options to turn on certain lights at certain times which gives you lots more control.

7. Low Profile Design

It is very important for us to create a look that blended into your home or business. We thought long and hard how the LEDs show and we believe we created the best low profile design in the market. When your lights are turned off, you don’t get the hang down look out of place like look like others.

8. Bumper to Bumper Warranty

Gemstone Lights Manufacturing guarantees a 5-year product warranty and a 1 year labor warranty. Our LEDs are graded to 50,000 hours which will give you a longer shelf life than other lighting products by a large margin. We stand behind our products 100%.

9. Custom iOS & Android App

We use custom programmed iOS and Android apps designed specifically for the Gemstone Lights system. As owners of our products, we make sure our app is up to date with the latest operating systems. You won’t see us using an out of the box third-party systems for our lights because we believe we can do better by creating our custom applications.

The investment customers make to get into a Gemstone Lights system outweigh the alternatives. LED lights for Christmas will give you a specific shelf life as the manufacturing is not designed to last long term. Those companies want you to buy more lights over and over!

The cost to replace the bad “strands” of lights is not worth it so as customers, they feel obligated to buy more lights, and by then, the colors don’t match. Customers will get into the trap of buying them all over again.

With Gemstone Lights, having lights year-round with our permanent solution gives you way more use and time to use it to the fullest. Now you can add in additional holidays, seasons, birthdays, architectural lighting and more! For your convenience, we’ve broken down the monthly cost of running Gemstone Lights.

As noted above in architectural lighting, you could replace your pot lights which is much more efficient comparatively!

Clearly, your investment would be more affordable in the long run.

10. Your lights will be cooler than your neighbors!

Lol. Fact. Far too often we hear from customers neighbors who finally say, “my neighbor has them and we want them too!”


Bonus! Control your system on from anywhere using our Cloud technology!

Whether you are on vacation or at home, you can control your lights remotely by using the internet on your phone!


If you’re interested in a free no-obligation quote, click here to find your closest Authorized Dealer.


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